Is having sex going to break my streak

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by reboot.10ison, May 28, 2019.

  1. reboot.10ison

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    I understand that NOFAP is basically abstinence from PMO.

    Now, my question is this, if I have sex, will I be somehow limiting the benefits and gains of the HARDMODE NOFAP?

    Will this interfere with my semen retention benefits etc?


  2. Jake n Bake

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  3. O cancels hard mode benefits. It doesn't matter how O is caused.
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  4. trob45

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    Interesting question. In my experience no.
    I’m married and have struggled with PIED and sex addiction and apparently thought hard mode was no porn, soft porn, M, O, or PMO. Also bouncing eyes when attractive woman are around, avoiding shows or situations that would cause me to lust or fantasize. All of the course corrections listed are healthy steps that lead me to be sexually sober.
    If having sex with my wife takes me out of hard mode I’m ok with that.
    Regardless of definition in my 32 days of Nofap I’ve had sex twice with my wife and have seen/felt positive changes in my marriage relationship in and out of the bedroom. It’s amazing to be aroused by my wife and save that energy for her and not waste it on porn. Just my .02
  5. monkeyfonics

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    I say no. I think it's essential to recovery. I think flatlines are caused by a lack of sexual stimulus to draw off of. Once you reach your target goal for PMO, you should start having sex. I mean really - are you just going to give up sex for good?

    I do think having sex, and O in general, can make recovery harder at first due to the chaser effect. But depending on where you're at, you're eventually going to need to have sex.
  6. goliaph

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    Honestly, this sounds like nonsense and went to this topic in order to ask you for advice. The fact is that before I masturbated a lot and because of this I had problems with erection. I thought for a long time what to do and in the end I decided to consult a doctor and he told me that it can be cured quite quickly if you use the right drugs. He said that it is best to use Kamagra and I already ordered it from I trust doctors but I would like to know the opinion of other people about this. Is it safe? What are the side effects?
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