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  1. Zillion

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    Ive decided to follow and do meditations to feel better, and calm me down..

    in recent days ive been receiving some uncomfortable and embarrassing memories from my past.. so i would like to know whether i can get rid of these thoughts with hypnosis or hypnotherapy..

    thanks in advance..
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    If you think it's going to be a magical fix that makes you forget all your troubles, think again. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have a pretty limited use in behavioural therapy.

    Here is some tough advice:
    When a ship is in a storm and is about to be washed by a giant wave, if it turns away or tries to run, it will be capsized. The wise captain steers into the wave, crashing into the heart of it and guiding the vessel out the other side. The more experience I have with depression, the more I am convinced that I cannot run or hide from my feelings or the damage that was done to me in the past. I must learn how to address them and face them head on. I highly recommend finding someone to help you in this - a spiritual guide, therapist, someone on the forum here...someone! Take the things that have been hurting you, and with that person, hold those things up to the light and find a means to accept them as things that have happened, and find a means to only have them influence your life in positive ways.
  3. You probably could. But it is not healthy thing to do. Because by suppressing uncomfortable memories you just push them down into subconscious. And from there they will effect your life, your decisions, etc. It will just not be conscious, you will not know it. Better than suppressing them would be to digest them. Bring them to surface, accept them and get in peace with them.
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  4. Zillion

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    hey thanks for your response.. ive come to know that you are believing in LOA..

    im also following several programs and exercises to reprogram the deep state of unconcious mind..

    hows your progress going on and tell me about any positive changes that you have seen so far (both from inner and outer reality)..

    ALSO REALLY PERSONAL GREETING FROM ME: Im really in love and adore your thumbnail may i know where did you got it from?
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  5. @Zillion Cheers mate!

    My forum avatar is a screenshot from the movie iRobot.

    I've been mostly just learning about LOA for a while now and less so actually applying it for anything more lately than just dealing with PMO. It's too early to tell for sure since I'm only about month in but it has been working great so far.

    I did use it in past for some silly stuff for experimentation. Like trying to get a particular ticket during an exam at school or manifesting specific amount of money. The results I've gotten from it was very consistent and spooky as hell, so I've been believer since.

    I'm not that big of an expert on it yet though, just practicing and learning. Still long way till I fully master it.
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    You're better off to reflect on past memories rather than trying to sweep them under the rug. Why were they embarrassing, and why do you choose to let them bring you down?

    It's like you're saying you cant face your past self. You have to let go of fear, as fear will just set you back. Leading to rejection to yourself and others.

    I have my problems with phobias and PTSD but I'm better off being honest with myself and others about it.
  7. Hero25

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    I think so, but be careful with these things.
  8. Yes but you don't want to get rid of them or suppress them you want to deal with them. Your hypnotist could put you in a state where you are better deal with the trauma and help you work thru it. It might be difficult but if you don't deal with this now it'll come out at some point in ways you don't want to.
    A therapist could also help here.

    Do you know the source of these memories?
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  9. Hypno-therapy can be pretty powerful. I have a coworker who used it when he was younger, and it had a dramatic positive effect on his life and getting past a traumatic experience.

    I used brief strategic therapy for my trauma, and it was also quite effective. Far more so than when I was using doing CBT.
  10. overclocked

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    There might be a good reason why those memories came up when you have started to meditate. We all have emberassing memories and being reminded of them sucks. But they or your reaction to them can tell you something about your personality.

    You will not and should not forget these memories, but you should probably think less about them, this will help you focus on other things.

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