Is Life Fair ?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Mr.Tony, Feb 12, 2021.

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    Wanted to type something more profound or insightful. However it's really as simple as no, life is no "fair" and never will be and honestly, it would be impossible for life to be "fair".
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    What is fairness?
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    When people talk about the cosmic justice notion of karma, the implicit assumption is that the response hapoens some later point in time. If time was not a factor every murderer would drop dead right then and there and so on.

    The yardstick view of time is another layer - rather than counting days of guilt, be it killing or PMOing - or time spent pondering the justness- the more specific understanding would be a network of causes and effects and what exactly that does. Determining what or how much is just doesn't tell you how to get there.
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  6. The system we live in is not ethic, it can be fair only to some people.
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    You percpective is pretty good, but there is something no one really seem to understand in life; you will lose. If history thought us anything in the past; It will be this: You will die and you will suffer before you die, No matter if you are a King or a Slave, no matter if you are Rich or Poor. The Survival Stigma is also gonna end by the most brutal way for everything and anything, everything has beginning and an End, Even Planet Earth and The Universe itself!

    Life is not fair with anyone, I think everyone is screwed i. It, and i mean everyone.

    What are You fighting for ? What am I fight for ? What is she fighting for ?
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    People are products and everything is a product in the System of Capitalism, The sooner you know this, the better. Everything is measured by a Price! The Richer you are, the more attention you'll have. (( i got nothing against Rich people )) it's just the rules of the game, understanding them early on will make your life easier, why ? Because it's easier to breakk through it. I'm speaking from the perspective of an Economist with an MBA of Finance.
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  9. No, and it must stay that way.
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  10. We are just workers, our constitutions are just rules. States are just great factories. The speech is more complicated than this anyway.
  11. People become hypocondriacs because they fallen in mere materialism. Everyone want save only himself and only the strong survive. This happen when you put toxic darwinism and remuld in Social Darwinism. And the next pass is transhumanism (trashumanism) where hypocondriacs sheeples will go in masses for some kind of immortality, propaganda will say you will be immortal, but your soul is already, people is so addicted to the body.. (for whoever wants to save their life will lose it). We are inside in a trap, we belive that our body is everything, no, is just an half of us.

    For me humanity is losing the view, not the message of the church, but the message of the christianity that have founded his pillars also on the ethic of Plato and Aristotle. You don't have to be christian for understand that humans want only yearning of good, for yourself and for others, not only for yourself! But all is faded thanks to money, work and system that corrupt us.
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    I'm interested in learning Christianity, if you could provide me with great YouTube Channels and Videos teaching the very first steps to an Absolute Beginner i would be greatful.

    PS: My Birth Religion is Soft Islam - And it teaches me to respect everyone and everything.

    I just wanna know more about Spirituality.

    Could you please tell me what are the Top teachings you learned from Christianity ?

    Currently i was reading a little bit about Buddha.
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    You are totally right, i think that having balance in Everything is Key!

    This really makes me question: What is a great life ?
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    Life is fair = a fallacy.
  15. If you want book about christianity, read "Kingdom of God is within you" by Leo Tolstoj, that is the masterpiece you need to reed after the new textament.
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  16. If life screws everyone then it shows life does not pick favorites. If life does not pick favorites then life is fair.
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    be okay with it
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    Death is the Final outcome to everyone.

    We never choose to be part of this, Whether it's God Creation or a Simulation.
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    I don't think anyone who has any grasp of reality could tell you with a straight face that life is perfectly fair. Like I don't care if you believe in God's plan, karmic justice, people being able to overcome their circusmstances or anything else like that. After all the undeniable fact is that some people are just born to extremely unfortunate conditions seemingly for little to no fault of their own and sometimes that can screw them up for the rest of their lives. Wether there is some deeper positive meaning to their struggles can't change the fact that they were just dealt an objectively worse hand in life.

    However this doesn't mean that one should fall into state of despair. Life can be amazing at best and even the worst of conditions tend to have at least some positive aspects to them. One should never lose hope for a better tomorrow. We should strive to make life better for both ourselves and other people. And maybe one day we can look back and see that despite the unfair shitfuckery that life put us through we have been able to make our lives worth living.
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    I like how heavy this thread has gotten. I've thought about this a lot over the years.

    In the Christian tradition, you are commanded to "bear your cross", crucifixion of course being the most extreme method of execution permitted by the Roman Empire in those days. Even the perfect man is sentenced to this fate.

    In the Stoic tradition, you really only have two options in life. The first is to willingly walk alongside fate, accepting wholeheartedly whatever it brings your way. The second is to resist it and inevitably be dragged, kicking and screaming, by fate through the rest of your life.

    In the Buddhist tradition, life is suffering. Boom.

    Everybody in life is going to be presented with a certain degree of suffering. It's different for each person in the amount, the intensity and the form in which it comes. Every ancient religion and philosophy that has stood the test of time, generally speaking, concludes that your best bet is to embrace this suffering to the absolute best of your ability and not run from it or hide from it. There is no real way out of it, there is no shortcut, it just is.

    If you avoid owning your allotted suffering, you're just going to make it worse. You will dig yourself an even deeper hole and eventually, you will even start pulling other people into that hole. Your personal suffering doesn't exist in a vacuum, it can spread to others and can make their own burden heavier. I think the idea of Hell comes from thousands of years of real-world experience of what happens when enough people start doing this.

    But maybe, if everybody dealt with their own suffering head on, there would be a lot less unnecessary suffering. Even better, maybe people could even try helping alleviate the suffering of those around them. Maybe this behavior can spread and multiply just like suffering can. This is likely where the theory of a potential Heaven comes into play to offset the very real Hell that things can degenerate into.

    Of course, I'm on a pornography addiction forum so I know from personal experience that this is easier said than done.

    Based recommendation. Also The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky if you can handle a 900 page novel.
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