Is nightfall will count as failure

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    I am trying my best to quite PMO. From last 6 days didn't see any PMO but yesterday some site popup came (kind of nude) then I closed it. I am always trying to think something else if I have any porn related thought. But yesterday I had nightfall I didn't masturbate nor see any porn. In morning I took bath. It didn't feel as good as masturbation. I don't feel like my energy is lost. I have been trying from 10+ years that this is bad I have to leave it. So I am trying my best to quit PMO but these things are happening. Sometimes I feel like addicts like there is very fast heartbeat and all I want is to just peek at porn. But I am not doing it. It's not easy while other discuss about porn and you just want is to quite PMO.
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    Nightfall is just your body releasing excess sperm. Do not think of it as failure. It is your body’s way of dealing with stopping Masturbation.
  3. Nightfall doesn't count as failure.But exessive nightfalls can happen and it is problematic. I have had this problem. It can be stopped by doing this exercise. Works well for me. I do 200 times before sleep. I had "Nightfalls" twice in three days. Now, none.


    Understanding the effects of PMO on your body is an important part of the recovery process.
    This 40 chapter reboot manual by a successful Fapstronaut talks about all of this. Salvation HERE:
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    Thank you for your advice I don't have regular problem of it. I have this like 3 or 4 times in my entire life. Previously it was due to seeing lot of porn and not masturbating. It was natural for body to release all that build up. This time I was worried because it happened and I did not watch any porn or had any thoughts about it.

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