Is pornography immoral?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Paperweight, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Paperweight

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    Is pornography itself immoral?
    Is the creation of pornography immoral?
    Is the distribution of pornography immoral?
    Is the consumption of pornography immoral?
    Is anything else about pornography immoral?
    How about pornographic cartoons?
    Pornographic literature?


    Any talk of whether it's practical or desirable to legally ban pornography belongs in this thread. This is a discussion of morality, not legality.
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  2. pillan24

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    Pornography is immoral. It promotes fornication. You see the same people hooking up with different people. It goes against the notion of saving yourself for marriage. The distribution itself is immoral as well because it's spoken out against in the Bible when Jesus talks about it being wrong to corrupt a child. In a sense, we are all his children.
  3. Paperweight

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    I agree, that which corrupts children is the most immoral.

    I also say it is immoral to willingly damage yourself simply for the sake of your own pleasure, and pornography is very damaging to people.
  4. Nomar

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    It’s absolutely immoral. Some things are meant to stay private. Porn destroys. There’s nothing good or neutral in it.
  5. Paperweight

    Paperweight Fapstronaut

    Well said, my thoughts precisely. This thread was made as a counterpart to the thread "Make porn illegal" because I think morality is a critical consideration in legality, but morality comes first, and I don't want discussion of policy and practicality to get in the way of a moral discussion. Any talk of whether it's practical or desirable to legally ban pornography belongs in this thread.

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    Let's be honest. As this is a porn recovery website, we all discovered the terrible, toxic side of porn before in our lives. We know it's immoral, and we want to quit that activity.

    Everything about pornography is immoral. Sex itself isn't, nor is a camera as that's a product given to us by God-inspired men and women. But, the Devil manipulates those creations to create something absolutely awful, damning and immoral. What's worse is porn targets the very fabrics of life, ala sex, which we have engrained in us in order to raise families and continue the species. That's why it's massively addicting.

    Other than that, there's no need for pornography. Sex is not a necessity, no is a conscious release of any kind.
  7. Paperweight

    Paperweight Fapstronaut

    Oh, there are those among us who disagree, who regard porn use as "a personal choice" that has no bearing on morality, they'll come when they're ready. And when they do... we'll get 'em! Right lads?
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  8. you are not giving a logical reason behind why pornography is immoral. you are appealing to authority ( the bible ). this is considered a fallacious argument.

    i also feel that pornography is immoral atleast in some ways but i dont have a logical argument for my belief. until i am able to formulate a logical argument, i am not going to answer this question. i think you should follow my lead.
  9. Paperweight

    Paperweight Fapstronaut

    Do you consider anything immoral? Can you give example?
  10. Porn is a personal choice that has no bearing on morality. Come and get me. I don't care, I just like the attention. :D

    On a serious note. It's irrelevant to me whether porn itself is moral or not. What difference does it make if you're allowed to call people in the porn industry or porn users or advocates bad people?

    If I choose to use porn and I know this will hurt other people then am I being immoral. Even that's a grey area if you're an addict.

    Better to focus on solutions rather than working out if you can obtain some moral high ground or whatever.
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  11. Paperweight

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    You just brought a smiley face emoji to a sword fight, swords of righteous flame!

    Oh, that's OK too :)

    That's a good question, and it is out of the intended scope of this thread. However, I don't mind derailing briefly :rolleyes: (he said innocently):

    You could say the same thing to a scientist who's studying natural phenomena: "Why are you making these observations? What difference does it make if the Earth is round or flat?" Well, the scientist doesn't really need to answer that, he is just trying to describe the world. The difference comes in the later application. Before somebody jumps down my throat saying "science is objective, but morality is subjective!", objectivity has no bearing on this particular question of @HumanBob's.

    What is the application? In this democratic world of ours, we the people are given the right to vote on laws and other political matters. If that is to be our right, then I say considering morality is our responsibility. I think that's a good answer for you, but even if there were no practical application, I'd still be interested in this, just like the scientist peering through his telescope, or the philosopher pondering whether he even exists; none of them need to have a reason beyond personal interest.

    You make another good point! Addiction is a complicating factor! I'm happy to discuss it, but there are more basic questions to grapple with first. I agree that addiction compels one to act in a harmful way and so is a mitigating factor, but it is does not take away all free will, and it's not helpful to pretend that it does.

    Solutions to what? I think we should see to "solve" the immoralities which plague our societies, what are they? And why?

    If you are interested in discussing these questions then welcome aboard! If not, then I don't mind, it's not everyone's cup of tea.
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  12. Free will must be applied, for sure. But free will alone may not be enough in many cases. The brain has been changed.

    Here's me explaining it using a video of someone else explaining it. Don't be fooled by this guy's tone in the beginning. His finale is champagne comedy!

    Oh you know, just solutions in general. :D sorry, I meant :mad:.

    More specifically solutions to our own addiction problems, and ways to address the problem generally.
  13. ivanhoe

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    correction, he is using God as moral authority and that is not a 'logical fallacy'.
    There is a difference.
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  14. pillan24

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    I can talk about how health problems are extremely common in the P industry as well. 22 reported cases of HIV as of 2009. Many of the pornstars have commited suicide in between the months of november and January. It's also very spoken about on how mistreated these people are
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  15. Bottomofthemap

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    The world would be a better place without porn. Take all these little pussies living off parents sitting inside and watching porn and playing video games take them and put them to work out in the oil field our working somewhere outside work them motherfuckers 12 hour days 7 days a week for about a year or two. They won’t be no porn watching pussies after that they be working men. That’s what this world needs. Go back to the good old days when young men worked instead of playing on the internet and eating tide pods.
  16. Theguywiththething

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    It is most certainly appeal to authority. Its saying, "this source, which I consider an expert, agrees with me, so therefore I am right," without bearing out why that source might be right. You must keep in mind that if I don't believe in God or the Bible, that the Bible says something carries little weight; even if you consider my viewpoint wrong, it's still objectively bad logic.

    Pornagraphy is morally neutral. No one was victimized in it's creation (usually). It serves useful purposes. It is completely legal. The end users are the ones who use or misuse it. If we misuse it, then thats on us. I don't consider sex corrupting; they accused Socrates of corrupting the youth also.
  17. Castielle

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    I don't really see how it's possible to answer this question without responses like the one above mine countering my, or anyone else's, views.

    Debating what is considered moral, in my opinion, is next to impossible when you don't have the same foundation for where you find your morality. I find mine in God, but if someone else doesn't, then as @Theguywiththething (nice name) said, why should he care about what God says if he doesn't even believe in God?

    I really don't see how we can come to any kind of agreement on what is moral or not without having the same foundation to fall back on. Without an objective foundation, like God's law, every issue of morality becomes subjective and up to the individual to decide for themselves. One might say that anything that doesn't hurt someone else is considered moral, and how could I refute that without saying "but what about God?" And why would they care about God if they don't believe in Him?

    Idk, I'm just thinking out loud here. My initial response to this question is yes, I believe porn is immoral. But I don't really know how I would debate that point without bringing God into the mix, which would be meaningless to someone who doesnt believe in Him. So it seems a moot point.
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  18. For something to be immoral, there has to be a clear victim in the action another person or group of people take towards the victim. For the victim, there has to be a lack of consent.

    Pornstars and the camera crew clearly consent to their actions. The viewer consents to the action of observing it. Therefore, pornography is not immoral. It might be sick, unhealthy, and a waste of time, but it isn't immoral.

    Pornstars might be mistreated, yes, but as far as I know, no one forced them to become a pornstar, now did they?

    Not telling people what porn does to you is immoral. But not porn itself.
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  19. Animation Fan

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    I myself am a believer of God as well, but I would say yes rather you're a believer or not. Porn distorts the mind, lower your respect of the people to mere toys, and can cause addiction that distracts you from the better things in life.

    Even today, groups outside of religion are seeing the harmful effects of porn, not just including this site. The number one victim in general is the viewer himself.
  20. That is a logical fallacy. It's called "the argument from authority". Using God as the authority on anything is logically irresponsible. It is no different than looking to the government, a scientist, or even a celebrity for the answer and taking their answer at face value just because they are authority figures as well.

    "God 'said' porn is immoral. Therefore, it is immoral."

    "( Insert celebrity name here ) said using prostitutes is immoral. Therefore, prostitutes are immoral."

    "Some scientist said masturbation is good for you. Therefore, masturbation is good for you."

    God can be your moral compass, but that doesn't mean what the Bible says is what's fundamentally correct.

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