Jack Bostock - a great example of self-control and strength

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    Jack Bostock plays for the Dolphins in the NRL. A few weeks ago when his team played the Titans and I thought he showed great self-control and strength. His team were losing bad and he dropped the ball. One of the Titan players got all up in his face and started mocking to for dropping such a simple catch. Some players might get mad and start a fight when being mocked like that, but not Bostock. He didn't react and just let him carry on with his dumb mockery. About 10 minutes later he scored a try and went onto help his team beat eventually beat the Titans 14-30. I'm sure there was a part of him that wanted to react to the mockery, but he got his revenge by scoring two tries and beating the Titans.

    I couldn't find a clip of him dropping a ball, but here is one with him scoring his second try. It's a reminder that showing self-control is admirable and brings great results. I think anyone can admire the great strength he shows as he powers through the two defenders, even you don't like or understand rugby league.

    Here are the highlights of the game:

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  2. Reminds me of the meme template of Travis Kelce yelling at coach Andy Reid. I don’t know if I could have had Andy’s composure.

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