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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by adarshkunwar, Aug 15, 2020.

  1. adarshkunwar

    adarshkunwar New Fapstronaut

    Hi, I am Adarsh and I live in Nepal. When I was a kid my mom used to work as the maid in the "upper-class family" while working there she made a promise to herself that though we were "poor" she will raise me like a rich kid. The kid who is kind and soft-hearted and will help others in need, the kid who won't have any bad habits. And I grew up to be just what she wanted me to be, till I was 14. When I was 14 years old my friend told me about what happens at honeymoon and what couples do when nobody's watching. I was disgusted (how can people do such things). And then she showed me a video. We had a conversation that changed my life.
    ME: Dude, what the heck is that?
    HE: That's sex man. That's what people do after they get in a relationship.
    ME: Shut up, nobody's that gross.
    HE: Like hell, they aren't. How do you think babies are formed?
    ( I know it sounds silly, but till then I had no idea, so I kept quiet.)
    HE: That's what I thought. You know nothing about life man. Life isn't just about studying and getting marks but it's about fucking good girls.
    ME: Then GO OUT and do whatever it is. Why the hell would you watch that shit?
    HE: YOU need some experienced man. Girls look for the guys who know stuff, how the hell am I supposed to know about it if I don't watch it?
    (I stood there speechless.)
    HE: I know this is not what you usually do, but don't worry I'll help you. Then you can turn from a nerd to a cool kid. Do you wanna be a cool kid?
    ME: * nod my head slightly*
    HE: then c'mon let's watch some action ( porn movies)

    A few months later he confessed he actually showed me porn because he was too afraid to be caught alone. And he thought if someone that they consider "a good kid" is doing it then it should be OK. I was so angry but by this time I was an addict and he was my only source of porn.

    I didn't know why but my grades started slipping soon after. I still hadn't failed my classes yet but I could see what that porn was doing to me. The porn that was supposed to make me know it all doesn't have too much to teach me and yet I keep watching it. My eyes are getting damaged by the long use of computer and I cant focus on a thing. I found an article saying about the side effects of porn and I went to him. I couldn't do it alone, I needed a partner to share my feelings. Yet when I told him bout it, he just laughed it off and said I was just thinking too much. God, I believed him again.

    Now I am 17 and turning 18 in a month. This is about last year. And I was also in the group of cool kids. (I study computer engineering, cool kids here are still nerds of the outer world). We talk about a lot of stuff. But one of them is nofap. Primarily because my acne breakout and they all think it because of Fapping too much. I believed them and tried to stick with nofap. But I couldn't. I tried to talk to them and they at first laughed about it but later said: "the same is here, my friend".

    That evening when I was returning home my friend Jivan asked if I could come visit his room. I agreed. I went to his room. He showed me a video titled "asli mard" which translated to English means "Real Man". It was a story about a guy who believed a real Man can hold his orgasm of as long as he wants. So he watched and watched a lot of porn videos. Till he could hold it for 6 hours. But when he turned 18 and went onto "the field" his boy wouldn't lift up. He got both ED and how he got depressed by it. but at the end, the kamdev ( sex god of Hindu religion) visits him and forces him for a 150-day nofap. He tries to control himself but the urge to pull his dick out and the pressure of the god makes his life hell. But at last, the power of god wins and he completes the 150-day challenge and turns his life around.

    By this point I had already learned that my old friend was just a moron and staying with him is like staying in the titanic and just ignoring the iceberg. I was sure to drown. So, Jivan and I took the challenge and it was going well. I had a 14-day streak. The main reason was the one that quits first will pay the other 50 bucks. But then it was a holiday season and he had to return home ( his parent's home). On the day he left, my streak broke. After that, I have had too many streaks but they were broken quickly too. Last night I decided to keep a nofap wallpaper but then somehow ended up here. This time I am going to keep my streak. I am at first going for a 7-day challenge than 15 and then 30 and then 60. Like this, I am going to keep increasing my streaks.

    I am ready for my REBOOT.
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