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    My problem has mainly been with M. Although I have regularly used porn over the last couple of years. I have continually tried, and failed to cut M out. I fine myself rationalising it and believing that maybe cutting it out is actually unfeasible. Over the last few years the times I felt my best were during streaks. I think the only ways I can have the energy to exercise regularly and not feel depressed is if I cutout masturbation. But I literally cannot stop. I fall back into the trap of doing it once a day again and again. I feel completely defeated. I have tried for years and failed. Again and again I find myself believing during abstinence that it can't be done; that I need to masturbate and I give in and once I do I get the chaser which the next day I do it again. The reason this is so important to me is that I have felt the benefits from streaks in the past and I think I need this to have a chance of having the life I want. But I can't stop. Please help me
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    @101Josh , you can stop.

    When an urge happens, say something like NO NOT TODAY, then walk away go get some air, for a walk etc
    don't give in.
    Beyond that figure out what your triggers are and implement a plan to help you deal with them when they happen.
    Stay strong and Keep Going!
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    Henna tattoo on your hand of "hands off" or some code word of your choice. You can live without MO. Not saying it's more fun..... It's not, but it can be done.....

    Are you in a relationship?
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    Masa it's impossible to stop masturbation! For porn, maybe. But for masturbation, no! So enjoy until you've drained all your blood, water and semen out! Cheers
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    I was in that boat, always finding in M a refuge for stress. So I was doing it almost daily. Many times I thought of stoping, but as I see on the rear view mirror I was lying to myself.
    It’s until I took this quest seriously that I have been great progress. Found AP. Workout and find other fun stuff to do to relax, like reading, hanging out more with friends, etc. I started on Feb 23 and since then I had one huge relaps, why did I relaps, because I gave myself foolishly permission to M after 30+ days of no fapping.
    So I make a commitment every morning to keep my hands off my junk and watch screen time .
    Bottom line, have a strategy and commit to it!
    Best of luck to you pal
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    You need to find coping measures for stress other than masturbation.
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    Stop before it gets worst bro.. Trust me, just stop. Its going to get worst. You don't want physical symptoms.

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