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    Why is it that when you search about masturbation on google, it's always talking about how " it's relatively healthy" or "Why you should masturbate". It only becomes a problem once it starts to affect your life some other sites say. I personally started when I was younger without porn because I didn't even know it existed. After I learned of porn, I became addicted to that, but masturbation was definitely a root cause. Some sites even say there's little evidence that porn is harmful.

    I think this is harmful to society in general because many people believe it's healthy for you. I have many friends who masturbate daily and I have told them it's not good at all. They know I'm religious, so they dismiss and say things like "it's good for your prostate", "relieves stress". At this point I don't even bother saying anything anymore, but I wonder why there is such a positive towards masturbation in our society?

    Porn industry makes a crap load of money, so maybe they're buying out the studies lmao.
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    I don't know much about it. But I have heard that in many countries, when a study or research paper is published, they mention who has sponsored that research.

    So if you find something like that, try to see who is actually sponsoring that research and you'll know. Definitely, according to me, there would be some company who would be selling drugs like viag** or other drugs to enhance sex drive. Bec they need people to masturbate daily and then buy their drug after few years.

    That's how tobacco lobby works. The amount government earns from tobacco products, more they lose in giving aids to hospitals and NGO for tobacco rehabilitation programs. And I have seen enough papers that says how nicotine can increase your ability to learn fast, improve concentration, work longer and fast recovery.

    The government loses money on tobacco, but the tobacco companies makes millions and they pay the ministers for not making any kind of law to prohibit tobacco completely in a state of country. And then they pay pharma companies to make those kind of studies and publish research's.
    That's how lobbying work and I am sure that this way or another, the porn industry works.
    ( There may be a chance of debate that masturbate is natural or harmful, but I don't think that for cigarettes or cigar (tobacco) there is anyone who can say that it's healthy).
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    Yeah it's pretty horrible. I didn't know about the lobbying for tobacco, That's just a terrible thing to do just for greed. Our world is just run on greed and power, so much so that these people couldn't care about how it affects others. I'm hoping more and more people learn about it. People make fun of nofap all the time saying, the community is a bunch of crazy people. Media is the biggest deception in many topics.
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    Well I believe if I remember correctly when the Bible talked about "spilling seed" or "Nocturnal Emissions" in the Old Testament, these were rules that one had to follow during wartime. That's why they said the person with the spilled seed was to sit outside the camp until sundown and ritually wash etc..

    I firmly believe Masturbation only becomes a problem when it intent births all kinds of lusts of the flesh. The Act alone isn't a Sin it's everything else that could potentially come along with Masturbation that could lead you astray.

    In my own life I view regular old Jackin off as normal. Don't really have an issue with it, it's lust that always gets me to sin. Fantasizing while looking at porn etc
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    because the enemy media wants you to keep jacking it. It feeds into promotion of porn, thot culture, etc.
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    (incoming controversial opinion)
    there's no point to jacking off. like post above me said,"porn/jerking is healthy" is what the garbage media is spoon feeding everyone.

    relieves stress? talk to a friend, go for a run, find a hobby, work it off at the gym, scream into a pillow, listen to angry music, meditate
    bored? find a hobby, go do something, learn something, call a friend up, better yourself in some way, prepare food/assignments/work for the upcoming week, watch tv, play a game, etc
    lonely? call a friend up, talk to family, work on your social skills if you dont have any friends, download a dating app if youre that inclined
    feeling aroused? you have excess energy and need to burn it off, go do something productive

    idk man i just dont buy it anymore. it's a waste of time. and now with the porn superhighway on the internet, its accessible to everyone

    and theres an entire forum/subreddit/movement dedicated to what happens when you mix something that's easily accessible with something that gives you pleasure
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    I agree with you completely, I don't think there's any benefit to masturbating. All of the "benefits" you can obtain by doing other activities without losing semen. This is what I was referring to because literally media just says its healthy, everyone starts to think that way as well.
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    You saying the reason Donald Trump could only call Nancy Pelosi Nancy was because he had been masturbation a few hours before meeting her?

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