My 7 months PMO Free

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  1. I am proud to write that I reached 7 months PMO free. I am a girl btw:emoji_information_desk_person:

    thanks to God, my family, R tribe app and the accountability partners I found on nofap

    now i would like to find a nice guy who treats me good even though I haven't done my reboot in order to get laid. I was a sex addict so that wasn't my problem. I would like to test how dating for me feels like now. I have decided to start my reboot on 6th March 2017 because i had very dark suicidal thoughts and I simply didn't have another option and I hit rock bottom. I wanted to have a better life so I started to fight for it

    I was thinking the last weeks of December maybe travel in several countries by train or plane even though i cannot leave work at the moment maybe Amsterdam i would like to go there at least once in my life coz i will turn 26 in December and i don't wanna get too old before going there. Just to see what is like and enjoy some weed but nothing too crazy

    I occasionally smoke weed only in company and someone else rolls it for me. also I would like to go to Prague and other places but mostly these 2. But I am afraid i would use travelling as a way to escape from the country I live in (i have some memories i don't like to have so at least for the holidays i wanted to give myself this gift but if i start dating a guy before the end of 2017 i think i would stay in the country)

    my birthday is quite sad for me every year and I hate NYE when people kiss etc. it is like st valentine's day i don't really wanna witness that and i get bored spending NYE in my country (same activities, I fancy something more thrilling)

    should i got to amsterdam for NYE? when I travel I always have a good time and i had this in mind for years since i finished high school. the fact is now i am quite thight with money

    Hope is central in my reboot. I never lose hope since i started my reboot. Later i will hit the gym. I'm always improving myself. Each day is a winning for me. I'm glad to experience my life without p and s addictions. my reboot saved me
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  2. Hard gainer

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    Proud of you. It is great that you did 7 months. Traveling will definitely be a great experience for you. I heard people saying that a long travel can some times even change our perspective over life. Go for it. You really need to gift yourself for achieving 7 mounthly. Start 2018 with new experience and as a new person.
  3. jorg78

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    7 months? Holy s**t. Great job :)
  4. DeProfundis

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    Congrats! Go for the solo trip, visit nice places and eat nice food. But stay away from weed, it's bad for your sobriety.
  5. RecoveringFapaholic

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    I've got a funny story involving Amsterdam. My dad and uncle were both in the US military (this was way before I was born) and they were stationed in Germany for a period in time. My dad was in the Army and my uncle was in the Air Force. They decided to go to Amsterdam for Christmas. My dad got on a boat that was docked near where they were staying. He decided to sit on the rail that went around the edge of the boat. Because it was Christmastime and at night, it was cold and the rail was covered in ice. He slipped over the edge and caught himself on the rail. Because the sides of the boat curved inwards, he couldn't get any footing. He was hanging above the freezing water for about 5 minutes until he called my uncle for help. My uncle lifted him back onto the boat.

    Congratulations on 7 months! Today marks one month for me.
  6. MeTP

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    Congratulations, I you should go for a travel as some mentioned to gift yourself for your struggle and enrich yourself with amazing experience. Good luck !
  7. Thanks and Congrats for your 1st month too and keep going ! :) nice story about Amsterdam, I expected a story involving weed though lol but it was a sweet story dunno if I will actually do it within this year. The desire to travel for months in different countries has always been strong but I don't feel very motivated about travelling now. I must earn more money
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  8. P4P

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    7 months in the bag. wish u many more, keep rocking:emoji_punch:
  9. ImQuittingNow

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    7 months is a lot! great job! You should at least something for yourself even if you're tight and budget and have fun! Hope you keep staying clean!
  10. Thanks i will always be clean! I will never get back at my addictions. the more i live clean, the more i see what i was missing
    I was thinking for the moment to just go to Amsterdam for New Year's Eve I saw there is an exhibition of Banksy I would like to see and there are plenty of theme parties to choose from with different music, honestly i would like to go to a place with Spanish music and i found one instead of house or techno music (the last ones are not really my cup of tea)

    well I deserve a short holiday for sure for my then 9 months without adddictions in December
    I was thinking to visit with interrail 5 countries in 15 days very soon though :) A guy made a very beautiful video of his travels, very motivating! :emoji_relaxed: I love the song at the beginning of the video (It's Time by Imagine Dragons):emoji_clap:
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  11. Congratulations!! You should go for that travel, as some mentioned to gift yourself for your struggle and enrich yourself with that amazing experience. You inspire us!! Keep smiling and loving yourself!!
  12. ImQuittingNow

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    sounds great and definitely well deserved! I'm a fan of banksy as well!
  13. and this exhibition is only 10 euros :) I am very curious to check it out and congrats on your 15 days, keep going :)
    @ncsest congrats for the progress in your reboot, I recommend you to post on success stories when you mark your first 30 days I will give myself this gift :emoji_bullettrain_side::emoji_airplane::emoji_gift:
  14. ImQuittingNow

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    Oops i didn't update my tracker properly. Either way I gave in today and am definitely not feeling good about it, but I'm determined to get straight back up work harder! And dang 10 euros is pretty cheap hope you enjoy the exhibit!
  15. pcmaster

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    You been talking about yourself a lot. But what can you say to contribute community, what you can say to those girls who are struggling to stay away from these addictions? Any tips or piece of advice?
  16. there are plenty of posts where i talk about how i overcame my addictions...
    also i help my accountability partners
    in this particular post, more than repeating myself, i wanted to celebrate my success and an opinion if i had to go on a trip on NYE
    I post each month to give an update on my reboot and my feelings (i like to keep track each month of what I experience)
    of course i talk about me...this is the story of my 7 months PMO free...should i talk about potatoes?
  17. thank you and stay strong! you are going to make it, set your reboot as your priority everything else will follow :) 10 euros for Banksy and i think 15 or 17 euros to see at the museum in Amsterdam Vincent Van Gogh! :emoji_art:

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