MYSTERY LEAGUE 2.0- The Purge of Legion

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    I understand bro.
  2. CTRL + DEL

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    I've made up my mind.

    I'm calling a vote.

    I'm only tagging the active and responsive members here to vote because only their opinions have really affected the gameplay.

    Everyone else has basically been dead weight to be very frank, so your opinions will not be considered in this session.

    Shall we end the challenge?
    @Tiger uppercut!
    @What I Do That Defines Me
    @Optimum Fortitude
    @Gotham Outlaw
    @Ginny Weasley
    @Loveless-J.R.A (you haven't been very active or involved but at least you've been open about it from the beginning. I really respect your transparency.)

    6 or more votes in favour and I will end the challenge after one last event. (Meaning in 1 day)
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  3. I don’t see any reason to end it. It just started getting good. If others feel differently then that’s totally ok with me.
  4. CTRL + DEL

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    Thank you for your say bro.
    Your vote will be displayed. :)
  5. Gotham Outlaw

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    I'd like to keep it going. I'm invested in the story.

    Check in for Wednesday.
  6. I am in favor of ending the challenge. I need a break myself.
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  7. Sammyforthewin

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    I would agree with Sherlock...
    A break would be good for me... :(

    @IAmLegion But I really liked your leadership in the challenge!
  8. Im going to vote neutral. Im totally fine with continuing, but if its going to end in a week anyway then its hars to get too invested. So, either way im good :)
  9. spaces

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    Im sorry you feel this way Legion , i think you made it very interesting here and i enjoyed reading your stories and game play , with its twists and turns :) .
    I wish to continue with the challenge if thats ok @IAmLegion
  10. Address007

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    Apparently my vote doesnt matter lol... I'm leaving this challenge regardless of the vote outcome. I cant keep up with the insanely long posts/storyline.. But it was a very fun challenge! Thank you all, and wish you the best of luck!
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    •EVENT: The End•
    Part One

    Legion closed his 3rd eye and smiled. This was the most opportune moment for him to make his big move.

    The League was in ruin.
    Hermes was weaker than ever.
    And he was back to his full power.

    "It's high time I ended this charade."

    Legion opened his Third Eye yet again, but this time, he formed strange symbols with his hands while chanting incantations in demon tongue.

    Within seconds, a small fissure appeared in ground. The crack grew wider and revealed a black staircase leading straight to the depths of the earth...


    Legion had accessed the route to the Underworld.

    "Checking in."

    The demon stepped down without fear, passing many ghouls and banshees on his way down.

    Hours passed but Legion kept on descending without hesitation. Nothing here could harm him. Only a select few spirits could remain in the fiend's presence without being turned into ectoplasm.

    Legion was prone to rash decisions but he was no fool; the demon had ample time to plan out his final attack while he made his way down. The demon carefully analysed all his options and made plans for any likely contingencies.

    By the time Legion reached the
    The River Styx, his plan was fully thought out.

    An old man stood in a small boat docked by the bank of the driver. Once he saw Legion approach, the man spoke:

    "I am Charon, ferryman in service of Hades, Lord of the Underworld. I can ferry you to the other bank at the cost of two gold coins."

    Legion ignored the old man and walked right up to the riverbank, observing the vast body of water that spread out ahead of him...

    The demon took a deep breath, sucking in a few rogue souls that were wandering nearby.

    Hades really has it nice in here", the demon remarked.

    Charon spoke again, repeating himself. This was the old man's duty and he was forbidden to speak anything else...

    "I am Charon, ferryman in service of Hades, Lord of the Underworld. I can ferry you to the other bank at the cost of two gold coins."

    Legion looked at the old man, annoyed at his unconscious persistence. He smashed the old man's boat to smithereens with his tail and watched as the old man fell weakly into the freezing water, moaning in pain and desperation as his limbs failed to keep him afloat.

    "Could you repeat that please?"

    Legion knew it was the poor man's duty to answer even though he was drowning and unable to breathe at that very moment.

    "I- I am ...
    I- I am Ch- ...
    I am C-
    I- ...

    No more words were heard as the old man choked on water and drowned.

    Legion smiled as he saw the shadow of the old man sink below the water surface.


    Happy at committing murder, Legion expanded his wings and took flight, quickly covering large distances with each wingbeat.

    Within an hour he was on land again, standing directly outside Hades' domain.

    He entered without a thought and marched directly into the inner recesses of the chamber until he stood directly in front of Hades himself.

    The God was shocked at the sight of Legion standing before him.

    The demon smiled menacingly at Hades.

    "Hello old friend.
    Mind if I take the dog out on a walk?"
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    It doesn't (to me) because when the time came to express it, it was never there.

    No hard feelings from me though, trust me on that. I'm just glad you spoke for a change :) I'll most certainly honour your wish to leave.

    Have a great nofap journey ahead.
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    In light of the votes so far and the reasons that have been given, I have decided to stick to the plan to terminate the challenge on the 20th.

    I will reduce the degree of participation required so that the level of presence required is proportional to the activity of every individual member.

    The Finale has begun and will be a 7 part ending. As you probably guessed, it will be more descriptive and storylike to compensate for the lack of canon-progression.

    Thanks to everyone, active and inactive alike. No point in ending on a sour note, I say.
  14. Well I can’t seem to make a bloody full comeback, it’s always something. I can’t concentrate on anything as it feels like a jackhammer on my face and the fever makes me just want to curl up, I’m heading back to the doctor but am nervous.

    Sorry once again mate for being a horrible partner, hopefully I can comeback pretty quick because at this rate I feel like I’ll be in the bloody ground soon. :(
  15. CTRL + DEL

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    You're not the only one having a bad day Ginny. Count me in :( :mad:
  16. Check in. My vote is to continue with the challenge and I want to thank to @IAmLegion for the great job you have made here, your creativity and dedication are wonderful and I admire you for your big effort. also, I want to thank to you all friends for being in this challenge. I have learned so much from you and your stories and that's why I am in the point where I am in my process without you all it wouldn't be the same.
  17. CTRL + DEL

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    Thanks mate.
    This is the sort of feedback I've been dreaming for lolol
  18. Youre not being a terrible partner, youve been taking a beating recently and you have nothing to apologize for. Not to mention, youre not the one relapsing every week and losing our team points lol. Ive been thinking about you and i truly hope yoi get better soon. Best wishes partner :)
  19. Alright soinds like a plan. Count me in then, lets end this with a bang :)

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