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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Iwanttobeabeast, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Iwanttobeabeast

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    i want to go buy some condoms. I am 16 and have a 6.0-6.3 inch dick. Is that big? What size should I get?
  2. Spoony

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    just buy a normal pack you will be good enough.
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  3. Condom size doesn't matter for most men in terms of's marketing and male go...find a brand style and fit you like through experimentation.
  4. Gotham Outlaw

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    Condom sizes don't matter. Any kind you buy will cover you just fine. When I had sex Ed in highschool they stretched a "small" condom all the way to the elbow.
  5. [​IMG]
    Most are longer and tighter than most men
  6. For your size, yeah, that's slightly above average. I wouldn't worry there. As for condoms, it's more about what's comfortable over what size you should get.
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  7. Poseidon

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    Lol, you only created this thread to brag about your dick. :p jk
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  8. HatePorn

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    Buy a food plastic wrap, wrap it around your penis and use a rubber bend to hold everything, this method is approved to be more safe and feels better.
  9. Poseidon

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    Approved by who? Cookie Monster?

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  10. HatePorn

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  11. You might need to ask the one you’re using it with.
    My wife liked condoms that i found to be a bit snug.
    So we had different opinions. Never noticed a difference in length, just width and thickness of the latex.
  12. tweeby

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    If you want some fancy schmancy way to MO don't use condoms. @Deadlihood said it best I believe.

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  13. I used the toilet paper tube test a long time ago to size me up. I couldn't fit it through a toilet paper tube which means you're suited for large domes. Magnum Durex comfort etc. If it can fit through regular condoms will be bettrr
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  14. ClaudeDuval

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    6 inches is average, Condom size mostly matters when it comes to girth. When I use a lot of penis enhancement(bathmate & cialus) I need a large condom(because of girth). I highly recommend "One" brand condoms they sell at walmart, the "Vanish" series by "One" brand condoms are really awesome. They are my go to when I am not going in raw.
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  15. Lol no good?
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  16. LOL
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  17. Just be careful, you don't want a paper-cut (or cardboard-cut) down there
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  18. I soaked it in water first
  19. There's a name for 16 year old guys who are "in need" of a condom and don't know how to use them. That name is "daddy".

    Seriously, at 16? Why not wait? I know people have age appropriate sex before adulthood. But, in all reality, it's best to be an adult.

    --> L
  20. I'll get shit for telling you this, but 16 is probably a great age to have sex lol.
    I lost mine at 19 and felt like "dammmn I can't believe I missed out on that all these years"
    What other time in your life can you get off 12 times in a day?? Haha nothing wrong with losing it in highschool. If you feel ready and it's what you want to do then go ahead and do it!
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