Never actually enjoyed sex :(

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by scjguy, Feb 27, 2017.

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    Would be happy to PM with you brother and speak more on this topic. I can relate in ways and parts of my own story and experiences may be helpful to you also. Would be happy to help and be a sound board in any ways I can on your journey. Way to be brave in coming back here and being open and honest with your struggles, experiences and goals.

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    Hey, I never had sex.
    You will start enjoying it at one point, but only IF you continue to stay clean!
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    Hey man. You need to stop watching porn can go abstinent immediately. This will eventually reset your arousal levels and rewire you to real people instead of porn. I suggest visiting this has all the information you need. Porn and masturbation is 100% the reason you don't enjoy sex. You can't get aroused because you're hyperexposed to sex and you probably have a loss of sensitivity from masturbating. Stop both and you will feel your urges for real partners coming back. It's all or nothing though. You can't just watch porn occasionally. Good luck.
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    Hey Marcus, I'm gay too and I can relate to what you're saying. Usually in order to cum I end up replaying porn or some fantasy in my mind, I'm not mentally there in the moment with my partner. And I want to be, I want the connection, I want to have better sex than this.
    I'm not sure I've ever cum from penetration, it's like I can't get enough traction. Another poster mentioned "death grip"- I think there's probably something in that.
    Sorry I can't offer any advice, I'm just starting out on this, but you asked so yeah; me too.
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  6. scjguy

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    Very nice! How long have you been on no PMO? Are you starting now? I wanna be a little more optimistic than you on this. I believe I will be able to orgasm from pure sex, which is called rewiring (resetting) your brain to make it used to the sensation of an anus/vagina rather than your own hand. I've been having great erections recently, and it feels amazing.
  7. Jaime123

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    I'm on day 9 now :) I'm not un-optimistic- I think this is worth trying and I'm curious about what the effects are going to be for me. I'm already seeing some benefit! I think I'm gonna start a log...

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