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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Pray4Jah, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Hi all,
    I'm new around here so I thought I would say hello! After seeking advice on how to quit masturbation, I stumbled on a video where a guy mentioned NoFap and how the support is really helpful here. So I thought "why not?"
    Some of my history: My story starts in year 9... I describe this year as a time of puberty, anxiety and depression. I did not handle change well... I lost my long time girlfriend and then the focus suddenly turned to me. I was figuring out all my body could do and why I was having all these weird thoughts. Porn turned from something interesting to an addiction. I believe explicit videos influenced what I thought love was supposed to look like. Resulting in me feeling unloved and never satisfied. I then began having suicidal thoughts and all I could focus on was all the things that sucked... After making it through those difficulties I knew I needed change. So ever since I've been making an effort to make the most of life.
    Right now: I'm no longer addicted to porn! I have a new goal of, NoFap. I want to do this so I'm no longer feeling unmotivated and yuck. I'm sick of being lazy and dealing with stress in a unhealthy way.
    Thanks for reading a bit about me, I'm encouraged by all of your efforts and success stories. Any tips for newbies are appreciated.
    Kind regards,
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  2. Septimus

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    Welcome @Pray4Jah, I'm glad you're here. There's a link below to what's working for me. I hope you keep coming back!
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  3. Pray4Jah

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    Thanks for your support! I'm encouraged by what is working for you, some really good points (especially confession and the need for beauty).
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  5. Imonastreak

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    Hi I am also new here any advices that can help me sooner ?
  6. Pray4Jah

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    Hi, Imonastreak
    Welcome man, so good to see people wanting to make change. It's such a struggle trying to break habits and switching the way your thinking (especially at the start)- so I would just encourage you to keep seeking help. I found educating myself of what porn does to our minds helps to make sense of why, you're feeling what you feel. Also seek different ways of relieving stress/urges! This is massive for me, I realize now after failing so many times that PMO doesn't leave me feeling relieved but rather feeling bad about myself, there are much better ways like breathing techniques, reading, chilled music and meditation that relax me. It's different for everyone so see what works for you. Hopefully my 2 weeks without PMO is some sort of inspiration. Keep going! Charlie Grant says "There is nothing more powerful than the human spirit."

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