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What is the minimum number of days for this mode

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  1. AaronW

    AaronW New Fapstronaut

    I'm new at this and would like to ask for your honest feedback from experience not "I wish to do it for...."
    Please review/comment the whole thing, you may add something. Additionally please support me in setting goal and propose the minimum number of days, per your experience.

    DURATION: ??? Days (from the pole)
    - I stay clear from any porn and porn substitutes, ex. browsing the Internet and social media for sexual pictures, stories, etc.
    - I remove my accounts on dating / hook-up apps
    - I don't use chatrooms, webcams etc.
    - I stay free from masturbation = no orgasm
    - I stay free from edging
    - I stay free from touching myself in bed in the evening/morning and in the shower, especially if I have a boner
    - I stay away from meaningless physical releases; 1-night stands & hook-ups
    - I don't lose time on going to clubs/bars with the idea to flirt/pick-up someone
    - I stay clear from using my penis in a sexual way (standard and oral sex)
    - I don't allow to be pleased sexually and released via other means (ex. anal sex or prostate milking/massage)
    - Complete abstinence, which will come automatically by adhering to previous points.
    - If I have uncontrolled ejaculation (ex. wet dream) I restart the counter from day 0 (immediately, I don't use any excuses like “the day is already gone, so I will jerk-off” or something)
    - If I get "hands-free" erection (especially in the morning or in the shower) I decide to leave it alone to subside.
    - Too much free space may mean temptation. Outside shower/toilet I decide to wear underwear (close to body trunks) 24/7; meaning no freeballing or sleeping naked.
    - If I get a partner (real, meaningful relationship) I focus on total closeness. Meaning: I can kiss, hug, cuddle, caress, give massages and be a loving man in daily life.
    - If my partner wants to have orgasm and cum, I practice taking care of his whole body and driving him into multiple orgasms, being fully there for him.
    - As mentioned in the previous section, I decided to abstain from being pleased sexually in any way by my partner, but we practice being close and being there for each other, so he can kiss, cuddle, hug, caress, give me a massage.
    - If my partner decides to join me on this journey, we both focus only on being close with each other and completely abstain from sex and sexual release.
    * I'm very interested in your view on the last points about being close with a life partner; is pleasing my partner sexually/orally (without being pleased) still considered celibacy or not? The rest of it is just being close and being there for each other in a non-sexual way.

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