No Arousal CHALLENGE (react on any urges, replace, report)

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    Playing with arousal is a dangerous habit which can lead to relapse but most often only leads to more urges and more trouble.
    And from a technical standpoint: every time you arouse yourself, by thoughts or through the eyes, you release dopamine and activate and sustain the neuronal pathways created by porn-misuse (See quote below).
    And only touching / stroking your dick doesn't do you a favor either. At least when you're on hard mode.

    That means we should really be aware of these things and not only focus to avoid (P)MO.
    As for me, I can't afford to relapse with porn (literally! - see my Signature). However I play with fire most of the days.

    But the No Arousal Challenge is a firewall. Use it right and you will only relapse on the No Arousal Level, but not in your main Recovery Challenge. That's the idea.

    • try to avoid arousal on every hour but don't freak out if it happens
    • identify triggers and urges and react on them
    • use tools like distractions, cold showers, action/emergency plans or whatever works for you
    • replace the craving / negative thougts and actions with good thoughts and actions
    • report here about your struggle, your successes
    • last but not least: don't wait for the urges to come, don't focus on having or not having urges, live your life, do meaningful things and when they urges appear be prepared

    The rest is up to you. How many days do you want to do this Challenge? Do you want a Hall of Fame? Or whatever it is, tell me!

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    Il join, I had a wet dream today, ive been having a huge headache, like third eye headache, and I'm just sad as fuck, I'm tryna to do stuff and find where I go wrong, and I guess I eat junk, and when I eat that, my mind becomes junk, and I am not doing my things even tho I did my workout I done cold shower,
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    Great that you're in immadothis!

    I'm back from the weekend. Now the Challenge begins. I'll do it as long as needed. No urges today, so nothing further to say.
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    mmh , my school showed softcore porn, but most if it I didn't look and I won't count it because I couldn't do anything, I was forced to watch that kind if stuff :/
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    Yes, you don't live solitary on a mountain!
    It's not about keeping all forms of arousal out of your life. Just be aware of what really arouses you or might have an impact on your Recovery and try to process the feelings/urges or whatever works for you.
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    I really love, that we on the same streak , lets shine and go beyond, and no one can take this from us :)
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    Strange I don't know what to write here. Sure, sometimes I have some p-thoughts popping up, a sexual feeling or I touch my dick too much. But then I stop.
    Unfortunately it's like I have the life of a PMO addict just without PMO. I may be exaggerating, but I'm not seizing the days as I want to and I'm way too much on the computer and on the forum. I hope I can change that from tomorrow on.
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    New Idea:

    I am commited a 100%. But even though I have this fear inside me: WHAT IF?! I'm not talking about the usual urges. I'm in this game for so long now, that I know so well where I usually twit myself. And for a change instead of twitting myself I took to twitting the addiction. BUT ... WHAT IF?! What if I get in a situation where I'm no longer the master of the situation while the addiction feels perfectly at home?

    I always thought to master the addiction I should be able to stop escalating even in the heat of the moment when I'm already in a pmo session. But the truth is, I never managed to do that. Then again my goal is not to "master" the addiciton but to quit it. So of course I try to stop the escalation as early as possible. Preferably before there is any escalation.

    Of course it would be utterly silly to cause such a situation where it's tremendously hard NOT to relapse. Even if it would be beneficial WHEN you passed this test.

    So why not say: yes, my fears are in the potential case that I loose it and escalate on the pmo spiral I HAVE TO pass the test, I have to dig out and bear the pain. And I think the trick is, to prepare for this situation, for the positive outcome.
    The idea is, we prepare for the worst case scenario which we seek to prevent in the first place.
    How do you prepare?
    1. with an incentive. Think: IF I get in a worst case scenario I'll get the chance to prove myself, I'll learn from it, I'll report on the forum, I'll call myself MIGHTY DRAGON-SLAYER (or something like that ;))
    2. with imagination. Imagine (in a safe place) realistic worst-case-scenarios and how you successfully bail out. Also imagine the good feelings and reward afterwards as intensely and positive as possible
    NOTE: I don't think this should be done very often. Because too much focus on the addiciton and the craving fantasies can't be good. But as long as you need to be worried this could prove to be an effective exercise.
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