PIED Success Stories?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by The Eleven, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. The Eleven

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    As someone grappling with ED, I find the stories of those who have solved that problem to be extremely inspiring. When I find myself wavering in my commitment to the journey, I would love to have a bunch of those stories in once place -- a thread I and others could go to in an effort to remind ourselves that it's worth it. That if we stick to it, we can also beat ED.

    So...If you're reading this and have a story about how you beat ED, please share it!

  2. +TenPercent

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    Wow, this was posted over three years ago and never got a response.

    Are there really no PIED success stories? :(

    @The Eleven are you still here? o_O
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  3. helpfuldude

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    My erections were soft before, thanks to nofap they are much better now.
  4. The Eleven

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    I am, @+TenPercent, although not very much anymore. Honestly, I had forgotten I started this thread. Amazing that it didn't generate any responses. So much has happened in the 3+ years in the meantime...and yet so little has changed.
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    THIS-IS-IT Fapstronaut

    Is PIED still an issue for you? we
  6. +TenPercent

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    Well, it's good to see your response and glad that I could resurrect this thread for you!!

    Hopefully I'll still be here in 3 years time . . .
  7. spylight

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    Had severe DE and its been greatly improved. I'm 29, slept with around 12-15 girls, and every time I never was able to orgasm. I could to porn just fine, but when I had sex, I could never reach orgasm, but I could go for hours. Sensitivity issues for sure. Well last week, I came for the first time ever during PIV sex... with a CONDOM on no less. It was amazing and I couldn't believe it. Having sex with the same girl a couple days later though, I couldn't come. So its definitely a road with slight improvements.
  8. Immature

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    My PIED and DE are vastly improved. I couldn't get any erections with women in October - now I do, and I get off too. (For years before the PIED, I had DE.) My relationships aren't healthy yet - but my dick, (and the parts of my brain involved), function(s) - and last October it/they didn't at all, except to porn.
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  9. Immature

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    There is a whole forum called Success Stories. [LINK]

    Although, it occurs to me that for people struggling with PIED, having Success Stories visible here, right in front of their faces, is also a very good idea. PIED is soul-killing for a man - and for his woman/women too. The intention behind this thread was very good indeed. It just didn't work out, I guess.

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