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Rate the last movie you watched v. 1

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Taylor25, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. The Sting (1973) Paul Newman as a veteran con-artist and a young fella with lots of potential and a wish for revenge. Pretty good 8/10 would watch again!
  2. Markony

    Markony New Fapstronaut

    Cold Pursuit 4/10 slow lacklustre movie. None of the characters are very well developed, could much have been better.
  3. Yeah, they definitely did that. Maybe 1/10th as much as the Saw series though. Not overdoing it but certainly a few scenes of shock value gore.
  4. Avengers: Endgame 10/10

    I loved every single second of this movie! And I had outrageously high expectations. Lol I was actually getting anxious going into the movie, because I never go into a film with such high expectations and I thought there was no way it could meet them. But it exceeded them. I loved it all.
  5. 19conquer

    19conquer Fapstronaut

    I have three favorite movies.
    1. Baby driver
    ~Warning~ (may be a little triggering to some newer fapstranaughts)
    •Amazing movie. Every part. The music and scenes you will see entangle in a way that just makes me so happy.
    •Its my favorite movie
    2. Interstellar
    •Always makes me cry
    •Mind blowing story (makes you think)
    3. Tomb Raider (also probably triggering cuz she's super beautiful) excellent action scenes and she's an amazing actor.
    • Super inspiring for plot women.
    • Great acting
    • Makes me want to play the video game haha.
  6. MJ93

    MJ93 Fapstronaut

    Limitless - 8/10
  7. Targaryenn

    Targaryenn Fapstronaut

    Game of thrones.
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  8. Just out of curiosity, which one?
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  9. Iron Will 8/10, a nice motivational movie. If you havent seen it i reccomend checking it out
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  10. Great movie
  11. Truedjinn

    Truedjinn Fapstronaut

    John Wick Chapter 3:

    Definitely a 10/10

    Go see it, great show
  12. olsen

    olsen Fapstronaut

    Another world. All parts. 9 out of 10
  13. Batman Begins - 9/10

    Considering the last superhero movie I watched was Avengers: Endgame, this was a nice contrast. I loved Endgame, but having a dozen plus heroes was a little overwhelming. It was nice in Batman Begins to just have one superhero.

    The Good
    + The "be aware of your surroundings" bit
    + "It's what I do that defines me" (Now I get that reference)
    None of the good guys die (ahem, Rachel, ahem)
    + Even though it's an origin story, I felt like the pacing was pretty good

    The Bad
    - Would have liked more Scarecrow
    Why does Bruce reveal his identity to Rachel? I know that he loves her but still...
  14. 19conquer

    19conquer Fapstronaut

    The newest one. I haven't seen the first one unfortunately.
  15. This was your first time? Youre a bit late to the party lol

    Now you know where my name came from :)

    Agreed, i want to see scarecrow as a main protaganist in a batman movie, that would be awesome
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  16. Okay, gotcha. The new one was pretty good, but i felt like it was lacking something
  17. 19conquer

    19conquer Fapstronaut

    Yeah I know a lot of the gamers out there felt the same way about it. As someone who's never played the game though, I felt like it was really good. But I can see how someone who had spent more time with the game would feel that things were missing.

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