Sexual Transmutation as First Step to Riches

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    I read in Napoleon Hill's book that sexual transmutation is vital for people if they want to ever become rich. I think that the process of becoming successful in any field requires people to be consistent, diligent and full of energy. Successful sexual transmutation can give you all of this!

    I think that we all have a natural facility for displacing energy - remember how we used to be superhumans as children? Never getting tired, always looking for play, everything was so fun because we were masters of sexual transmutation. Once porn entered our lives, once the pleasure got a hold of us, we kept looking for more and more of its euphoric effect = became drug addicts.

    But I want to bring to discussion how hard it may be for us to continue with semen retention. I feel like semen retention is the next level of nofap that serves as a bridge between our realities and ideal dreams. For people who are naturally attracted to women, (opposite sex), it is probably extremely difficult to keep yourself away from women, especially when the temptation is near and up for grabs. Sometimes, we often let ourselves be persuaded that having sex with a beautiful women may be just worth it. We live on with the dilemma of choosing an absolutely amazing sex and maintaining our semen retention so that we can continue to feel extraordinary and powerful the next, and the next mornings.

    I have one good theory for us here. During my first month of semen retention, I was able to feel super emotions akin to sexual orgasms in sports, exercise, work and hobbies. The way my brain worked ahead of time, how my body reflexes reacted, how I craved for the next move, the next problem, the next task.. This feeling was almost better than sex! So what if we just tell ourselves to choose to have sex only for actual reproductive measures, and to manipulate our emotions to prefer this transmutation over having sex? Ah, semen retention gets especially hard with our loved ones.
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    I have also read Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow rich" which is probably the best self-help book I have ever read. There is no doubt that sexual transmutation and semen-retention can have a great impact on your life but I don't think it necessarily mean 100% abstinence 24/7.
    Rather, as long as sex and sexual activities are not on your priority list and something you only enjoy every now and then (after getting plenty of more important things done first), I don't think the impact is going to be as crippling. But I am 100% sure that the most financially successful people out there don't engage in it as much as others since they are busy running their businesses first and foremost.
    The problem these days is all temptations and pressures that are put out there everywhere (by media, popular culture, your social circle, etc) telling people that "sex is what matters the most and if you don't have an active sex-life daily, your life is not good and worth living" and people buy into that, hence wasting much of their energy, focus, drive and motivation on sex instead of activities that can make them rich in the long run.
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    That book has become my Bible. Hands-down best self-help book I've read.

    What I've heard from other entrepreneurs (my personal experience backs this up), is that abstaining from orgasmic ejaculation is key. You can take this to mean "no sexual activity", but here's what myself and others have tried with success.

    No porn, no masturbation. You may have sex with a partner, but only 1 partner whom you truly love, but do not finish. Practice coitis interuptis. Basically get close to orgasm, but do not go so far as to lose control. Best to start slow for beginners.

    After a session with your partner (whom you truly love!), if you practice this, you'll feel an immense drive, strong desire to go back to it. Don't. Go use this desire, this energy that you've built up, to do the work you've chosen to dedicate yourself to. You can go to the gym and make huge gains, you can go to work and kick ass, you can go learn another language or 3.

    Napoleon Hill himself lists in Think & Grow Rich in his chapter on Sex Transmutation 10 stimuli to which the mind responds most freely, of which "The desire for sex expression" is #1.

    Note Napoleon Hill also states that "The men of greatest achievement are men with highly developed sex natures"

    Additionally, throughout the book, the author states that the 3 most powerful emotions are those of Faith, Love, and Sex.

    The problem that I see many people here facing, is that they simply try repress their sex nature, to repress their sexual urges. The easiest way to quit porn, quit fapping, and create a successful life for yourself is to learn to channel this energy.

    Don't fight it. First, learn to control it, then make it flow as strong and fast as possible!

    "Love, romance, and sex are all emotions capable of driving men to heights of super achievement"
    "When combined, these 3 emotions may lift one to an altitude of a genius"
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  4. Do you think you can be "sexually better" in age 50 than most men because of semen retention for whole life?
  5. ReachYourHighestPeak

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    What do you mean by "sexually better"?
  6. Sorry, my english sucks xD
    Do you think if sexual performance when you become older, is better if you practiced semen retention for whole time?
  7. ReachYourHighestPeak

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    I would think so. I'm not 50, so I can't speak from experience. But I would assume if you've been retaining, and also building up this energy the right way, you would have more drive and prowess than most men at 50.
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    I suppose because lm newby and only 30days into hard mode -and nofap, actually- lm experiencing overwhelming emotions more than anything else. The energy sometimes is so strong that l think lm going mad, other times seems to disappear and others flows calmly but it is present. Actually l can feel it always. To create healthy routines has helped me a lot and has kept me appart from relapsing but l fear to relapse anyway. The insighrs and thoughts of you all guys in this thread -and others lve been reading- have been very inspiring. One of these days l will sit down and tell my experience in this new world that is appearing from inside to outside and is changing my whole world!! :)
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    I started practicing semen retention. I'm on my third week now. I wouldn't say I have experienced any super powers yet, but there is an overall positive energy improvement and a little of "kick ass" here and there. Married of course, Si I'm keen to see how far this goes. I have always felt that I have lived below my potential my whole life due to PMO. I hope this is the beginning of a new me. I am aware that semen retention or noFap is not a magical pill to cure all my problems, but I am also aware how much I would think straight and create better relationship if I can stay clean for say a year. Cheers guys.
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    How will you transmute?
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    yes, many on testerone theraphy claim so or along that line ... justs get healthy as superman and you're good to go ....came back :X

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