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    Hi , I'm 16 year old teen who currently lives in rural France .
    I started PMO when I was around the age of 12 or so , after being introduced to it by some other children around my age . At first it was more about me trying out this new and weird thing with my body , but then it quickly became a way to attain almost instant no effort pleasure . This coupled with an addiction to video games and screens in general quickly and very rapidly brought down my social friends group to just a handful of people that played video games with me , this affected me in other ways such making me quite my local sports clubs that I was in .
    All of this lac of social and physical exercise drove my social , physical , and mental capability's to decrease at quite extreme pace and by the time that I was 14 , I was taking a route straight to what a would call loser .
    But then that year I managed to become self aware of what was going on (I don't even know how I managed to do it , but it happened ) and quickly started to look for ways to conquer every demon that was plaguing my mind and body , I equipped myself with every tool,habit,behavior that could help me in my quest .
    But like every thing it takes time and it took me about two more years to be able to completely get rid of my dependence on video games as well as "reconstruct" my physical and mental health .
    Now all thought I am still not the best at social conversations I am at least not that half bad at sport and have expanded my social circle greatly .
    Now the next demon I have to face is PMO , all thought I have been dabbling in this for a couple months prodding the beast will never kill , and that is why I have decided to hurl myself at the monsters throat and come here in order to be able to keep climbing up the mountain of self improvement .
    After all if you only live once may as well aim to live life at it's absolute best , and be able to enjoy your mind and body at it's pinnacle performance .
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    Welcome Will! Welcome sir!

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