Social wellbeing worsening while doing nofap

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  1. Hey there. I've been doing nofap since the beginning of the month. And while I have been experiencing some benefits (less brain fog, more athletic), they have been drastically outweighed by the effect it has had on my socialbeing. I feel like that I am more annoying to my friends, because I find my classes less interesting. I also begin to feel overwhelmed by what's been going on in my life. I don't have much of a filter, and I do things without thinking them over. I'm not sure if this is just a flatline or if I'm actually getting worse because of nofap. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. As I don't want to be in this state forever.

    Edit:I've been falling like this for about 2 weeks, with it getting worse over the last week
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  2. safa61947

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    It doesn't last forever. Eventually, things get better. Keep up.
  3. Freeddom_Taker

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    yeah you are withdrawing from all the chemical substances you used to bathe your brain w by abstaining.
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    My Journal
    If you need porn to function normally, that just shows you how dependant you are on this addiction.

    Keep going. Things get better. You don’t want to be an addict forever, right?
  5. Roady

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    You now have to deal with the real stuff. That's not a small thing. I hope you have somebody to talk there. That may help enormously.
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    Your brain got used to living on turbo dopamine mode.
    Now that you have cut it from it's source of stimulation everything falls flat.
    Nothing seems that enjoyable anymore, apathy settles in, confidence wanes.
    Your brain must relearn to find the good things in life to be the most rewarding.
    Enjoy real women, real friends, real productive work.
    Not pathetically gooning away on your own to fetish porn for hours.

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