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  1. After some engagements ,
    will just do some cardio
    and stretching .

    I am getting into stretching, mobility, flexibility . Very slowly .
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  2. Zephon

    Zephon Fapstronaut

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  3. Zephon

    Zephon Fapstronaut

    20x One Punch Workout

    just fatburning exercise. When I was on the 15th rep I notice the high knees exhausted me.
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  4. Zephon

    Zephon Fapstronaut

    1 set of one punch workout (warm up) legs need to get recovered still :(
    But I did abs-workouts
    5x power abs
    2x lower abs
    and for the back:
    3x lower back
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  5. Nowadays everybody comment that I am bigger in very flattering way .

    Let's work .

  6. buragozin

    buragozin New Fapstronaut

    Currently off training, but I hope I can get back in the gym soon.
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  7. Zephon

    Zephon Fapstronaut

    I got new weights for dumbbells (30 kg in total). Next month I'll buy a power tower to make pull ups and a lot of more exercises.
  8. Monday on I stay accountable on 3 workouts a week .
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  9. Today's accountability

    Pull ups 8 6 6
    Deadhang 1:02
    Pushups 3 x 25
    Shoulder raises with dumbbells ( 7 and halve each kg ) 3x10
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  10. Highlander01

    Highlander01 Fapstronaut

    I like it
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  11. Bale101

    Bale101 Fapstronaut

    My exercise routine:

    4 times a week

    ~ 2km running-jogging
    ~ 400-500 intense skipping
    ~ 15+ normal pushups, 10+ diamond pushups, 10+ wide pushups

    i know i am a newbie but i would love to have some advice on how i should progress further .
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  12. Do only normal push ups . Squeeze your back , elbows at 90 degrees , close to body .

    Do pull ups instead of push ups variation .
    Do dips .

    Progress no more than 15 with great form .

    If you want harder intensity add weight on you .

    Best advice is feel your body . It will happen !
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  13. Bale101

    Bale101 Fapstronaut

    Thanks bud
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  14. You are almost at 90 .

    Keep accountable with workouts that you love to do and can stick to . Sports is beautiful for us .
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  15. My new routine that I will be sticking to for the next 3 months consist of :
    Running and calisthenics for the upper body .

    I recommend the youtube channel of calisthenicsmovement which is very educational and of enormous help with accurate information on the subject .
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  16. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    My new rutine now.. boxing at least 3 days a week.. I will doing that now for as far as my job let me. I will try to be consistant and workout when I don't go treaning boxing. At boxing there is so much movement in arms. Is hard to keep hands up all the time. So shoulders are working out there. And there is so much leg movement. And also strenght lots of push ups, squats and core.
    When I'm not boxing I will try to train my back, hands.. every part. At begining just with my own body weight and resistance bands.
    I also do handball sometimes. Becaouse of this situvation there is not games(matches). There is some runinng and working with younger generations. And on Sundays also as far as job let me (becaouse of very very stupid time schedual) i will play football(soccer) with friends for one hour. Thats for fun but its also running there.
    So there is it. Hope I will stay consistant and eat well so I can gain some muscles and kg.
  17. Casper400

    Casper400 Fapstronaut

    Just starting up guys!

    Tonight was night # 3 in a row.

    Did some physical therapy TRX upper-body

    Tonight, relatively light AKA recovery workout of 2xSets x 40 lbs + 25 lb barbell in my living room:

    Overhead 12 lb med ball squat
    Back Squat x Barbell x 2 x 15
    Lateral Raises 5 lbs x 2 x 15
    Barbell Curls Barbell x 2 x 15
    Overhead Tricep Extensions Barbell x 2 x 15
    Sit-Ups x 2 x 15
    Heel Slides x 2 x 15
    Glute-Bridges x 2 x 15

    Slowly working back up.
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  18. Long time no entry ,
    working out is such a habit .

    Not overeating is the toughest to me , or eating too much at once .
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  19. Zephon

    Zephon Fapstronaut

    I could solve overeating of sweeties and fastfood with replacing other foods like vegetables, eggs, fish, frutis etc. It takes its time but later you get used to it.
    Have you also tried fasting (speak eating as much as you want in 8 hours on a day or don't eat for 2-3 days in a week)? Fasting helped me to lose a lot of weight.
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  20. I need energy , I work too much . Fasting for 12-14 hours is my everyday maximum thing .

    I don't overeat on sweets and fast food, I do on food .

    Thank you for suggesting solutions .
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