Sprinting, the new cold showers

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    If you want to know the one single exercise that can boost your testosterone, growth hormone, and dopamine levels, all making you more athletic, more lean, and more confident, than look no further than sprinting.


    Jogging is a useless exercise when it comes to boosting testosterone or other anabolic hormones such as growth hormone. Although jogging can boost other feel good chemicals, it does not boost anabolic hormones. Anabolic hormones are one's that help you build muscle. They also dramatically increase bone density all over. Sprinting is far superior to other forms of cardio when it comes to burning fat as well.


    Just a quick story, I remember back in highschool when I had social anxiety like no tomorrow, I remember sprinting to school. Yes I used to sprint to school lol! One day right after the end of my sprint I heard some people laughing, usually my response would be to contract and assume they were laughing at me, this time, I felt confident, and looked around to see who could even fucking dare, turns out no one was laughing at me anyway. Lol.

    But yeah these things boost your energy levels dramatically as well, don't over due them if you're just starting however, they can be very intense.
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    Can confirm, sprinting is awesome. I started doing it last spring in conjunction with weights (2 days a week sprinting alternating w 3 days a week weights and 2 rest days) and it made so much difference. To get the maximum benefit though you really need to do it outside where you're also getting the benefit of fresh air and ideally, sun (vitamin D). Be prepared though you will definitely be more horny. Oh yeah and stretch like a mofo before and after... even more so if you're older and/or haven't been terribly active. It is definitely something you need to ease into unless you are young and at or near your athletic peak already.
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