Talk of superpowers makes nofap sound like a joke.

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  1. elevate

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    I absolutely hate the delusional superpower conversations around here. It breeds passivity and relies on fantasies. Life doesn't get easier when you stop PMO. You simply get back to the starting line before you indulged in a life of PMO. You trade lower quality problems that destroys your reality for higher quality problems that develop your reality. Key word is reality. The whole superpowers belief is another form of escapism just like PMO.

    Real Nofap superpowers =

    - Stop running away from your scary, difficult, uncertain, and delayed gratification problems.

    - Challenging something outside your current comfort zone / competence and confidence level.

    - Doing things that you know you should be doing to become the person you want to be and to have the life that you want to have even if you don't feel like it.

    - Taking more risks and failing more.

    - Going for what you want despite not having any guarantees that it will work.

    Doesn't sound fun or magical enough? Too bad.

    Now that I got all that out of the way.........................

    It's day 25 and I can now walk through walls.
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  2. Rising Force

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    I think language in general allows so many "correct" interpretations and viewpoints, so it could be mainly about what these things mean to every individual. When people have abused their lives with pornography for years, they don't even remember how it feels to live without their burden. And so many have never been living their adult lives without wasting their energy for porn.

    Stopping provides an immediate opportunity to change their lives. If you have believed for years that the addicted life is normal, then the real normal life may well feel like unreal. This effect is enhanced because the whole issue is still not really appreciated by societies. People have to start experimenting with their lives to find the truth. That's how this movement was born, after all. Then, some of the stories may have reached mythical proportions. At least if you take them literally.

    But yeah, I concur with you in this. It really should be about what you can make out of your life. Not what nofap will turn your life into.
  3. elevate

    elevate Fapstronaut

    It's all about avoiding discomfort.

    PMO was a way to avoid the painful problems of reality. Then people realize that they want to develop their reality, but are still heavily conditioned to avoid discomfort. So they want to believe that they can get something without actually having to work for it directly.

    Semen retention will solve all our problems right? Without needing to work on our social skills on a daily basis. Without going up to strangers and striking up conversations. Without crashing and burning. People will just uncontrollably be attracted to us without any chance of rejection or needing to take any risks because they're so clouded by our testosterone / pheromones / whatever. Just a few more days on my nofap counter and I can just sit back while the results manifest themselves.

    To anyone that claims that they now have massive attention from the ladies due to semen retention... talk to any of them for 10 minutes and let them get to know the real you. See how many of them are still attracted. Most of the people that claim this superpower attraction hasn't actually tested (by interacting with them) if it's actually true or they just deluded themselves to think that way. So they claim "ohhhhh yeahhhh 50 women checked me out today".......... then you ask them "what did you do about it?".... they will say "well, nothing... but they were very attracted to me."
  4. Golden! I'm on day 78 and I can teleport and see voices.

    It's true though, we need to challenge ourselves more especially during the pmo. Act, fail, adjust, repeat!

    People tend to expect things to just fall into their lap without doing anything
    (myself included,) now I've been taking action, and the uncertainty is "scary" of course, but it feels so good to do things that take courage :p
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  5. elevate

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    See voices? Oh shit... You can only unlock that skill by not even touching your penis when you urinate. It makes a hell of a mess in the bathroom, but it's worth it once you unlock that rare ability.
  6. haha :D I can urinate now by standing on my hands with eyes closed, still haven't missed the toilet yet
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  7. Wolf2019

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    I agree completely with what you're saying. I imagine that the "superpowers" idea probably got started as a bit of marketing to make it seem cooler to do the completely counter-cultural thing of abstaining from PMO. But when you over-sell something, people get disappointed and discouraged with the reality, even if the reality actually can be pretty good, with some work.
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  8. I have to object. Life is much easier without PMO, even when hardships appear (they did). The constant feel of under-performing is gone, the brain works as intended. The permanent uphill struggle against fear and anxiety gave way to hard, but interesting challenges.

    My starting line was at age 10 and has been 27 years since then. I simply don't know adult life without PMO.

    This is exactly what I'm doing now. Confidence and self-worth is the result.
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  9. Amphibian

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    The talk of "superpowers" is just a euphemism. I do notice that extended stretches of abstaining from PMO I can tell my senses are more heightened, especially my hearing for some reason. Is it a superpower? No, of course not. It's just a turn of phrase to describe the experience of the reboot process and its benefits.

    I don't think this is something to give much thoughts or feelings about, let alone be upset about, but whatever.
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  10. Infrasapiens

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    You're the joke, superpowers are real. Today I saw I plane that was about to crash, and I jumped 30 Km in the air, grabbed it and put it safely on the ground. Thanks jizz magic.
  11. GreenSpirit

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    You do feel like superman. When you walk down the street you are ready to fight a bum at any moment. Also music sounds fucking amazing. So yeah, superpowers basically.
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  12. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    I liked what you said overall, the "awakening of the super-werewolf" abilities and the illusion we become teen titans borders on delusional in some younger/more naive posters.

    When I completed my first 30 days, I saw my adam's apple moving for the first time, my balls are more pronounced in the sack and hang lower (no shit sherlock you might be saying), and my hair overall grows more full, down there things are bushier. This morning in my daily routine, I felt my %$# is a little heavier.

    I am secretly hoping I'll start growing again. I'm currently 5-10; but I've noticed on some days standing next to my wife I seem taller. I now think MO is why I didn't grow to my full potential.
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  13. This is something I noticed as well.
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  14. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    yeah?!! nice man! I'm working out much more in conjunction with nopmo, but I can't work out my throat. I've heard some guys develop a lower voice too-- I'm waiting to see if that happens...
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  15. Captain!

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    The real superpower here is the discipline. Many people talk and talk the'll gonna do nofap, and guess fuckin what. A huge urge hit and Bam! Back to 0. Its a super power because why, very few can actually do it, yall talk and stuff but cannot survive the fuckin urge!!!! Day 178 here, do it and never be egoistic about bullshiting the benefits of nofap and feel ur difference from the horde of fappers.
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  16. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    I already do that, the urinate thing. You use the edge of your pants to aim. Cthulhu is afraid of me.
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  17. My pitch lowered as well. I can sing better now.
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  18. CH3RRY

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    Truest thing right here. This is what truly makes you powerful and confident while abstaining. That you don't submit to the urges, it makes you a winner. If someone doesn't feel like this, then you are doing it wrong. You are letting yourself slip. You have to fight every single little urge. What ever it is: wanting to dwell in a fantasy, checking someone out, staring at something provocative in a music video or an ad. Imagine what you feel like when you have managed to win every single time you were tested.

  19. I actually love this post it's funny and honest. I never really though of the whole "super power" thing but the benefits are nice. But to your point your absolutely right we no longer have the PMO reality we have our actual reality to deal with. And to do the things we have always wanted to do. And become the person we ALWAYS knew we could be. It's not easy and for me it has been a HUGE eye opener to my lifestyle and things in have negatively built because of my addiction.
    But now that I have let go of that completely to the point I can cant even remember or fantasize about the porn I have watched it's like my brain has completely forgotten it. I'm extremely happy about this fact. But now ik left with my reality that I have to change and rearrange because the old me let a lot of shit slide and go during my time as an addict.
    Thanks for the great post
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  20. BlaineTrain

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    Taking control of yourself feels like a superpower by itself and the benefits could be called superpowers in a way.

    That said, I'm one week in — so my powers should manifest any day now. I'm personally hoping for Magneto's powers. Partly for the metal manipulation but mostly for looking like Michael Fassbender.
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