Technology should be a tool, not a dopamine tripfeed.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    My streak is going well, I seem to be gradually coming out of the flatline and whereas last week I wanted to kill myself, today I am starting to enjoy life again. One thing I have been contemplating a lot is my use of technology. I catch myself picking up my phone and scrolling through either youtube or other sites simply for the purpose of scrolling through them and I know my brain is expecting some kind of dopamine hit, that's why I keep doing it. So I thought to myself "How is this different from PMO?" I am still constantly trying to stimulate myself and that's a big problem. Starting today I will only use my devices in the end of the afternoon to reply to messages and catch up on the news and I will turn them off again before sleep. Last night instead of binging youtube before bed I just laid down, closed my eyes and I slept amazing and had some really vivid dreams.

    I find that the more time I spend on this journey, the more things I strip from my life. It started out with of course PMO, then I stopped playing videogames, then I stopped doing any drugs (I don't even drink coffee anymore) and now I think it's time to greatly limit my technology use. It's like that Lao Tzu quote:

    “To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.”
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