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    I was so happy to hear talking terry crews of how he had an addiction to PMO, im so glad that this is getting more awareness. I don't know what you think but this is still a taboo topic in society.
    It's difficult to say out loud you have a porn addiction, because of fear of how people would judge you or won't take you serious. But this man! Terry, he had the biggest balls of the size of two planets to talk openly about having an addiction with porn and to bring awareness to the masses.

    There are million of people who are addicted and having issues that don't even remotely think the reason is because of PMO. Shout out to Terry, he never ceases to amaze me!

    Link to the video:

    edit: now i see the video is 2 years old lol i dont know if this is old news for you, but i think it's worth to point out
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