The 30 challenges that will boost your personal development in 30 days

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  1. To change your life, and enhance your personal development, you do not need to have to think beyond 30 days, this is the time you need to create new routines and habits.

    If you think that in order to change you have to commit yourself in the long term, surely you will never achieve it and live with the remorse of not having the courage to do it.

    And therefore, your personal development will not have the growth you expect.

    We all have this feeling of guilt, so to avoid feeling it here you have 30 challenges that will enhance your personal development during the next 30 days.

    I will publish a daily challenge.

    Do not think in months to change, just focus on living each of these challenges and for sure your life will change.

    fuente Diego Ortiz
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  2. 1. Use only words that inspire happiness:
    Regardless of what you are living, whether it is good or bad, it is your attitude that will differentiate you from the rest.​

    The attitude, which is reflected in the words you use, could determine your mood and willingness to achieve great things in your life. That, therefore, influences their personal development.

    When they ask you how you are and you respond "well", it is very different to respond that "you are fabulous". The first makes you part of the average, the second radiates happiness.

    Challenge of personal development:
    practice for 30 days saying words that inspire happiness
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    You post the 1st post in english and the 2nd in another language....I would like a post in english if possible, I'm sure you will reach out to a much wider audience:)
  4. [QUOTE = "Winner11, post: 1373084, member: 63567"] Publicas la primera publicación en inglés y la segunda en otro idioma ... Me gustaría una publicación en inglés si es posible, estoy seguro de que te acercarás a una audiencia mucho más amplia :)[/ QUOTE]

    Lo hice. Solo que hubo un error pero ya lo correji .abrazos. Y gracias :*
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  5. 2. Try something new every day
    In variety is pleassure. Once you fall into a routine, you limit yourself to living the same thing over and over again, losing the flavor and meaning of things.​

    To recover that feeling of uncertainty, emotion and some fear you could start doing something new.

    It does not have to be something complex, from the simplest experience like talking to a stranger, taking a new route to work or trying some of those plans for the weekend could work.
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  6. 3. Support a cause that is bigger than you...
    It is good to think about your future, ambitions and dreams. However, from time to time you support an initiative that has nothing to do with you, that no benefit brings you and that allows you to build a better world.

    Look for a crowdfunding campaign or an initiative in your community. It does not have to be an economic contribution, you can donate your work or knowledge.
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  7. 4. Learn a new skill or technique:
    To be productive and practical, you must learn a little from a series of skills that will make you reliable in life.

    Do not specialize 100% in a single activity and leave the rest.

    Although you can specialize and be unique in your field of action, you have the option to be a much more integral person and learn a series of skills that you can apply at different times of your life.

    Challenge of personal development: For 30 days, dedicate yourself to learning a new skill or acquiring new knowledge.
  8. 5. Teach something new to a person every day:
    We all have knowledge and skills that are easier for us to understand and apply. What for others may seem complex, you have the ability to understand it quite easily.

    Even this could be one of those jobs from home that could become a new source of income.

    Use these 30 days to explain or teach something new to a person. Remember that your knowledge is applicable and important as long as you can share it with others.
  9. 6. Dedicate an hour of your day to do something that you are passionate about:

    When you do something that you are passionate about, money comes out of the equation of happiness.

    One hour a day, for 30 days, dedicate yourself to doing something that you love enough that makes you forget the rest of commitments and activities.

    It can be a sport, the habit of reading, a religion, political activity or anything that you like a lot.

    One of the keys to learning how to be a millionaire is doing something that you are passionate about, so you feel a vocation.
  10. 7. You will treat all people kindly, even those who treat you badly:
    It's not about other people, it's about your own stability, emotional well-being and tranquility.​

    When you kindly treat all the people who know you, including those who are not with you, show that you are big and special enough to give your best energy. You are giving a clear signal of your emotional intelligence.

    Challenge of personal development: Practice this attitude for 30 days, and make it a habit for your whole life.
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    It is very good thread. Thanks for the awesome life lessons ... :)
  12. Thanks Friend ;)
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  13. Beautiful!
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  14. 8. Concentrate on having only positive thoughts:

    Surely you will achieve many more things looking at the positive side of things and not the negative.

    It is not about hiding reality, but when you live thinking negatively and considering each of the bad possibilities, you will not achieve much.

    The power of your mind lies in the fact that a great part of the realities that you live are born there. Remember that situations are not what define you, but how you assume them and behave before them.
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  15. Thank you for these great insights! To me my noFap journey entails the betterment of my self, rather than just no PMO. I like all the thoughts you are sharing!
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  16. Thank you for reading ♥(◡‿◡)♥
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  17. 9. Conscientiously, learn the lesson of each difficult moment:

    Due to the eagerness in which we live, we tend to ignore the teachings left by failures or mistakes.

    It hurts us not to receive that increase, to lose the job, a client or a new opportunity. We are thoughtful when we are not chosen for a job, but we do not stop to internalize each learning

    For 30 days, write the life lesson of each difficult moment, error or failure.
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  18. I missed your post today! This is the best challenge ever.
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  20. 10. Enjoy your life while it is happening:

    We live putting off our best moments in life. We tell ourselves that when we have more money we will make that trip, when everything will improve it will change my life, next year I will resign and start my business ...

    Unfortunately, we never got to that. The perfect time to enjoy life is today that you have it, not tomorrow. Tomorrow you do not know.

    Challenge of personal development: Do it today, for 30 days enjoy your life while it is happening.
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