***The Gratitude Attitude Challenge***

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  1. TheButler

    TheButler Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for
    1. last night's sleep
    2. making myself get up at 5:30
    3. time alone in the morning to think
  2. Salsa Casino, this style if from Cuba. It's like normal salsa but it's dance in group in a circle. I like it so much.
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  3. I'm greatful becasue I could confront someone dangerous yesterday and didn't avoid any of his arguments.

    I'm greatful for being alive today.

    I'm greatful because I could it something delicious today.
  4. potato bop

    potato bop Fapstronaut

    The plants near my staircase

    The colorful antique pots on my staircase

    Hearing a bird chirp during school lunch (yes, in SCHOOL)
  5. James0224

    James0224 Fapstronaut

    Ah that’s so cool! Sounds like so much fun!
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  6. James0224

    James0224 Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for Leonardo Dicaprio

    I am grateful for pringles

    I am grateful for my dad offering to take me to school
  7. I am grateful for the family dog, she can be irksome sometimes, but a little pet therapy is helpful. :)
  8. db001

    db001 Fapstronaut

    I’m grateful for deep sleep.
    I’m grateful for my parents.
    I’m grateful for staying strong.
  9. perseverence24

    perseverence24 Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for another day alive.
    I am grateful for having a good nights sleep.
    I am grateful for having a good day yesterday.
  10. Strength And Light

    Strength And Light Fapstronaut

    I am thankful for regaining my health after a recent surgery.
    I am grateful that my mom is living and healthy and was able to visit for Mother's Day weekend.
    I am thankful that I've been PMO free for a long time.
    I am grateful for my longtime childhood friend.
    I am thankful for the talents I've been given.
    I am grateful for my beautiful home and lovely neighbors.
    I am thankful that I am afforded time in my day to recognize and record my gratitude.
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  11. I am grateful for breakfast and coffee
    I am grateful for feeling very well and positive
    I am grateful for my fellow Fapstronauts who make me feel accepted and loved in this community, thank you all !
  12. longjourney

    longjourney Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for my work friends that I play volleyball with.
    I am grateful for the ability to play.
    I am grateful for my wife taking a night alone with the kids so I can play.
  13. Sight

    Sight Fapstronaut

    I am grateful I was exposed to the communities I was when I used to live only on the internet, that helped me develop healthy ideologies(just by being themselves and talking about this shit, sometimes exposure is all it takes people) and be a honest person and actually take responsibility for my life, even if it is a long as hell process.

    I am grateful that my worst...is while bad, not destructive of the world, and that the things I have learned do matter, that I can come back to a good place even better than I was before.

    I am grateful I have to come to know the people that I have, some of them are genuine beacons of light, who shine bright and yet are savvy enough to ask for help when needed because they don't shine alone.

    I am grateful I am no longer on pills(stopped halfway through seventeen or when I turned 18, took em for three and a half years maybe??) that it turned out I didn't even need. Grateful that even if my adolescence didn't go as normally as it could have, that the rest of my twenties don't have to be like that.

    Grateful I know of neuroplasticity, that I did the course on Learning How to Learn. And can do it again if I so wish!

    Grateful that while I do feel like its too late now that I am 24, the reality is that there have been many who have had a late start in life before, many will be there after me, and that I can be glad to have my story among them, so even one more person can decide to take the reins of their life in a later stage once they feel capable.
    I, will, write, this, tale.

    Oh and super grateful for this thread because I am once again actually practicing gratitude. THANK YOU PEEPLES FOR KEEPING THIS ALIVE, YOU ENCOURAGE THOSE OF US WHO MAY FORGET THESE THINGS NOW AND AGAIN, SO ITS MATTERS, KAY? KAY!

    Let's rock people! Let's rock. :D
  14. Mitness

    Mitness Fapstronaut

    I'm grateful for my ex girlfriend. Yesterday i went to her place (where still good friends) and told her about my massive porn addiction and why things went wrong with us. She was very understanding.
    I'm also grateful for her opening up my eyes. In my believe i never cheated on my girlfriends.. I hate it.
    But, we were talking and i was explaining how far i went during my porn addiction. (i had sex with a lot different man - even though i'm complete straight- on creepy parking lots while being under the influence of amphetamine). She asked me when this started.. Well, this was when i got dexamfetamine from my shrink because he thought i had adhd and porn wasnt enough anymore. Since then it went to shit. After a while talking she said, "but, then you have cheated on your first girlfriend." I was shocked.. I have been cheating a lot:( Never out of love, but still CHEATED.
    The longer i'm sober the longer i realize how sick i was/am.
    I think it's crazy. When I was still using it, I used a lot of excuses to justify why I was using it. When I stopped, I still had plenty of reasons. The longer I am down-to-earth-sober, the more I come to the conclusion that there is no good reason to use. I lie to myself. I am ill and I want to put an end to it for good.

    I am grateful for my psychologist. She is the first one in my life to whom I dare to speak. To which I dare to tell my story. And the first one I don't walk away from, but like to come back to.

    I am grateful for finally realizing that when you're in therapy, you should tell the bare true.
    Even after 4 years of therapy, I performed better than I actually did. I wanted other people to see me as a good person. And instead of telling how I really thought about things, I told them how I thought I should be thinking.
    Since my therapist told me she was not there to find out if i'm a right or wrong person but just wanted to find out how things got to this point, i finally was able to open up.

    when you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything
  15. James0224

    James0224 Fapstronaut

    I am grateful to read the other posts of Fapstronauts on this thread

    I am grateful that there are people in the world who are willing to listen to me and hear what I want to say

    I am grateful for fruit juices
  16. Mitness

    Mitness Fapstronaut

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  17. I'm greatful because I'm alive.
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  18. TheButler

    TheButler Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for
    1. Being able spending the day with people with the same goals
    2. Making myself eat healthy-ish
    3. The cookies I ate
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  19. db001

    db001 Fapstronaut

    I’m grateful for learning more about my motivations to stop porn.
    I’m grateful for the support I get from the people on these forums.
    I’m grateful for all the free time I have now.
  20. perseverence24

    perseverence24 Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for having an amazing girlfriend.
    I am grateful for almost making it 3 weeks free from pm
    All the opportunities that I have gotten in my life, I’m truly blessed.

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