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    I was so busy that I did not post yesterday. Anyway, I am on day 3.

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    Murphy! Don't let me leave Murph!
  3. relapsed on Sunday
    I was filled with so much guilt that I took the toughest step in my life.
    I did that thing which scared me a lot.
    I told everything to my mom, yes, I told her. I was so terrified as I started talking to her.
    But to my surprise, she listened to me very patiently. She didn't scold me. After listening to me she explained me the bad effects and other things, although I already knew everything that she told (thanks to NoFap).
    Then she asked me how should she help me.
    What should I say now??

    Checking in DAY 2
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    It’s good you shared it with your mom.
    Maybe you could ask her to periodically remind you? Just ask you if you’re good?

    Check in!
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    That is a very promising step because it shows that you really want to fight the addiction. Unfortunately, that does not mean direct success since we can still lie to our partners (myself included) and parents even after 'coming out'. I'd recommend that you make a simple plan of keeping your devices out of your room, only using them in sitting areas with family (essentially just avoiding being in private with internet). And your mum can help to monitor that. However, you are the one best placed to come up with a plan to keep yourself from urges/tempting situations, so you can come up with a more comprehensive plan to nofap. You can also adopt the many measures people recommend but tbh, it's all about keeping yourself from pmo.
  6. well, you are correct we can lie to our parents but still before doing that a thought comes to mind that "Dude! You can't deceive your parents like that" and this feeling really helps.
    Also I have to attend my online classes so it's not possible to concentrate when surrounded by noise (i live in a joint family), although when i complete my class, I handover my laptop to my dad.
    Currently, steps taken by mom includes :
    1. applying Porn Blocker with a password [i added some other distracting sites also]
    2. increased no. of visits to my study room
    3. holding me accountable everyday
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    If you're comfortable with the measures in place then stay truthful and fight. You were strong support around you take advantage of it.
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    Still Day 3. Had a really close call yesterday where I started looking at images, but then I made the decision to stop because it was not something I wanted for myself. Still woke up depressed after having about a dozen relapse dreams last night.

  9. It's allgood mathman brother I've had a couple of times I've also looked at images but have shut it down before going further. It's good in a way as it shows you that you have started to heal. Do be vigilant and don't make an excuse to do it often but it's great you see that you don't want to go any further that is progress! And dreams oh what a bother at times! Just remember they are only dreams they are trying to tempt you doesn't make you guilty of anything, also they won't always be about relapsing they get more normal over time:) keep going bud your doing great.
  10. Hey glowing shadow great steps you have in place.
    I use an app called ever accountable on my phone and laptop but that only works on android and Microsoft I think other option is covenant eyes. The reason I recommend these is because they send a report of all your internet traffic to your accountability partner or perhaps this will be your mum. So neat she has offered help I also opened up to my mother on the phone when I first realized that I needed to do something about pmo. So good on you. I just recommend a program that monitors rather than just blocks. Ever accountable doesn't block anything for me but it tells your partner if it's crashed / been closed or it sends alerts if you go to bad websites. I feel that's more effective than a blocker which can be bypassed.
    Up to you though are you serious about improving your life to a place beyond your wildest dreams!? Good then keep it up your doing well.
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    I decided that to prevent myself from relapsing out of guilt, that I am going to reset so that I can have a clear conscience moving forward. I know I spent longer than I should have looking, and despite stopping, I still did it beyond the time that would make it a momentary weakness that I caught. I feel good about it though.
  12. Fair enough it happened to me a couple weeks in and I thought better to move forward than risk resetting and relapsing! As when the counter was reset it can be an excuse to binge it was for me a while ago anyhow.
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  14. thanks a lot for such a great idea bro. I will definitely follow your advice.
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    Installed porn blovker- Blockerx on smartphone.
    Good luck
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    Close to finding co-ordinates: Day 8
  17. Welcome glowing shadow and randy andy to this challenge.

    Sorry guys it was a busy week for me and hope that it will continue this week.
    Updated the Voyagers list and ready to rage.
    There has been some reset for me. When i complete some hard task my brain tricks me to get some treat by way of PMO to get rid off pain. I know this is worse to make oneself comfortable in the way of doing this.
    Getting up strong again to fight back with my bare fist in the face of PMO. Never gonna give up and ever.
    There is no shortcut to get rid off PMO, we have to be forged in heat and handle such pain. There is no other way and there never was.
    Stay strong Voyagers!
  18. well bro, I think I forgot to mention that I am the one who was previously known as "Mr Goodboy" ;)
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