The Lord of the Rings Challenge

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  1. Teutão

    Teutão Fapstronaut

    Relapse. I don´t know why, but every time I have a relapse it takes around 2 weeks of small streaks until I manage to have a bigger streak (3 weeks normally). Any one knows some tip?
    Day 0
  2. Day 29 starts today....guys last night i had a nightfall, that was so pathetic, i really didnt expect that , because in last 29 days i have not even looked at porn or thought anything about sex but why this happened i dont know...
    And this is the first huge amount of nightfall i am experiencing in my life , that it ruined my bedsheet and my mattress also...i am fed up...i am really not into any type of edging but why this happened? Is there anyone who can explain me?
  3. Hardcandy

    Hardcandy Fapstronaut

  4. Julito

    Julito Fapstronaut

    Day 5

    As I wrote at the beginning of the streak, I'm very focused and determined to finally destroy this ring, and I'm having a great streak so far.
  5. FellowCompanion

    FellowCompanion Fapstronaut

    Day 1

    I'm picking up drawing again. It has been quite a while
  6. AlphaAlone

    AlphaAlone Fapstronaut

    Do any of you guys play a LOTR mod ? On Warband or Total War ? I think im gonna use the free time I have (after workout job etc) to play again. This challenge hyped me.

    Anyway the 24h isn't over yet but so far im doing good. When you think about it this stuff is really a drug, just look how hard it is to stop for a month for most of us.
  7. PerseveranceToday

    PerseveranceToday Fapstronaut

    I've done the same! My drawings for the time being are frankly shite but I don't honestly mind because it's been such a great creative outlet for me that it cannot be understated.
  8. Ciceron

    Ciceron Fapstronaut

    Day 5.
    Another day of hard work. And the last! It's gonna be the hardest, but now I can shout: For Isengard! For the White Hand of Saruman!
    Here it comes, another day without PMO!

    St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us! Stay strong, my fellows!
  9. Day 64:
    It happened to me on 30,40 and 51th day.There's no need to worry ,its a natural way to release excess semen as we abstain from m.But u will feel the energy loss.
  10. Cucurbito

    Cucurbito Fapstronaut

    Day 0. Masturbated today. I start again.
  11. PerseveranceToday

    PerseveranceToday Fapstronaut

    Coming at you live from the mid-to-late afternoon of day 7...

    Day 7! One week clean! My first full week clean in months (though maybe the wet dream made it a little easier), but I'm not about to stop here! However, urges have been relatively intense today. This was probably the hardest day so far. Meditating but especially drawing have really been indispensable. I wish you all a great morning, afternoon, evening or whatever time of day it is when you read this. Here's to staying clean!
  12. Thanks for clearing my doubts bhai...i was really worried....its almost one month so i think it happened just like u
  13. dandausa

    dandausa Fapstronaut

    Just got past the Ford of Bruinen, leaving the evil PMO forces behind! Heading for the House of Elrond!

    This also matches last streak. Yay! Thank you for walking with me brothers.
  14. G0ReadAB00k

    G0ReadAB00k Fapstronaut

    2 days strong and almost halfway through day 3.

    Happy Fathers Day to all of the Fapstronaut Fathers!!
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  15. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    Excellent brother!!! Give them hell!!!!!!!

    dia 27 - perseguição.gif
    dia 28 - ford of bruinen.jpg
  16. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    One more day heading South my brothers.

    Here´s a interesting read on the distinction between nofap and semen retention. Althought the LOTR challenge is a nofap challenge, this take is also very interesting if you consider doing semen retention altogether.

    Have a great day!!! ;)

    From our brother Homo Deus, now sober for 150 days.

    "This is why Semen Retention is 100% better than noFap

    When you do Semen Retention, you are ‘doing’ something instead of trying NOT to do something.

    Always works best using positive than negative. Subconscious minds appreciate.

    When I switched to SR, my journey became not easier, but POSSIBLE. The highest streak on noFap: 46 days. The highest streak on SR: who knows, it looks like its never going to end.

    100% post from SR Reddit


    Without a doubt, Semen Retention is a practice, a ritual, that a man does to become 100% him.

    A 100% man.

    We know that a man has testicles and prostate. And semen.

    So we, retainers, are 100% manly.

    You may have gotten accustomed to this state. But 99% of men release their semen.

    We don’t.


    That number means: Completely. Totally. Fully.

    Which life do we wanna live?

    A 50, 70, 95% lived life is shameful.

    The Sun burns at his 100% capacity.

    We humans are the most divine beings in existence. Why wouldn’t we vibrate at 100% capacity?


    If somebody watches you, they should immediately perceive a 100% man.

    This man is concentrated. Mentally powerful. Bodily powerful. His eyes are piercing. His hands carry Chi. He is in control of his body. He is aware of his own thoughts, like a reader is aware of the words he reads, like a radio listener listens to spoken words. He feels emotions at maximum capacity.


    This man dies with a smile on his face because he lived 100%.

    People think that living 100% means to self destruct: eating whatever, using drugs, doing stupid things.

    That is not living at 100%.

    One should aim to nurture oneself through a 100% nutritious food.

    One should speak with 100% certainty.

    One should think with 100% clarity.

    One should dream with 100% intensity.

    One should breathe with 100% meaning.

    One should be 100% what one is.

    Because Semen completes us as men.

    Our brain uses our semen nutrients to be 100% brain.

    In this journey, we got more of ourselves.

    A lot of men in this journey feel more like our real selves.

    This is because our Semen IS ourselves.

    It is made out of ourselves.

    Do you know why there’s a lack of heroism in today’s culture? Why everybody seems depressed?

    Because people embrace less than 100% being themselves. Most people vibrate at a 50% capacity. Men drain their Semen, women hang out with drained men and show a similar vibration.

    Your DNA is your inner vibration. It is made of all your ancestors. If you allow yourself to get into the 100% level of vibration, your life suddenly becomes the greatest act of all time. You become so aware of existence that you don’t want to find “life’s meaning”, because your own existence is the meaning.


    Society forced you to lower your vibration somewhere along the line.

    They didn’t want you to shine like the Sun shines. They feared you. They feared your power. So they made you believe that becoming less of yourself is the way to go.

    But that makes people feel bad.


    Just imagine what would you look like, if you tapped into being 100% you.

    People will look at you like Kings were stared.

    There’s an inner divinity in the 100% man.

    Only you know yourself at 100%.

    Only you can tap into a 100% existence.

    The 100% man is a hero. He is the protagonist of his life. He is looked up to by the rest. He doesn’t “search” for anything. He follows with his body, the light of his spirit. He is 100% connected to his own light, so he is never in darkness.


    Just imagine yourself at 100%, what did you see?

    I see Purpose. Meaning. Elegance. I see a life lived like a lightning strikes the earth, like the ocean makes waves, like the Sun shines.

    Why less? There’s no way.

    The only Way, or Tao, is 100%.

    If it is at 99%, don’t do it.

    If it is at 99.99% capacity, do not do it.

    Act at 100% intensity.

    Like a lightning strike.

    Like an eagle hunts.

    Is it possible? It is. Proof?

    Read this post. This post was written at 100% capacity.

    There’s no difference with me writing this post at 100%, and me living at 100%.

    So it is possible.

    So what can you do?

    Only You know.

    The only thing I will say now is:

    Do not accept 99.99%.

    Be 100%.


    Because 100% is what your DNA is aiming at.

    Release your inner thunder.

    See you on the other side."
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  17. jaybelgium

    jaybelgium Fapstronaut

  18. Sir u are truly a motivational speaker...u can even raise sleeping aura of the dead...ur support and the words which are full of power and enthusiasm creates energy that provokes us to do our best...whether we share different religions, different races or different environment, from now on i take u as my guide to the voyage of my new life....thanks god for ur companionship
  19. belio123

    belio123 Fapstronaut

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