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    Hello, I started nofap a year ago on an app. I was fapping even more times in the same day and I was depressed and was struggling with school and I was thinking that my own life suck. I discovered my energy was drained from porn usage and my lack of energy was totally depending on it. I discovered the nofap app in the Play Store while searching for something to stop me watching hours of porn daily and I still use it. I felt all the benefits of rebooting during my streaks until I reached d120 days... then my life was totally changed and I was feeling blessed since a beautiful woman talked with me about porn ecc..... in that day I told myself "why don t you just take a look" and that was my error. That was last August and I never come back again to my streak. I started 28 days 16 hours ago my longest streak since the 120days one and me still on it. I subscribed today at all sites of nofap and I read all the pdf guides to get to know how to solve my problem. I m even running a browser extension that blocks all porn sites and it works good (i tried it just before this article). In the end, I will never see porn again and I'm reinforcing the benefit this thing can take by reading scientific articles about it. I will bring my streak to at least 150 days of NO PMO and then I will see if I truly recovered but anyway I will write a new diary about this epic streak on this site. You can go read my old diary called Benefits-TIPS and TRICKS-Things you should know in the app. I hope and wish it will help you.
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