The road of self improvement and losing people

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Pablo Pasta, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. Pablo Pasta

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    I'll keep it short as I can.

    When you start to respect yourself , you'll lose some people even those that have been around years/decades.
    Once you know something bothers you , you cant turn a blind eye or pretend its not a big deal likes you used to do.
    People are used to the old you , the one who they liked to joke and mess around but everything has a limit.
    If you want to go forward then you have to respect yourself and set limits for others and if you cant do that then you'll never be your own person and walking in your own shoes.
    Sadly alot of people are used to push you because they always known you that way ,once you change then they dont like you anymore , then the real truth is they never liked the real you to begin with.

    Either go back and stay in the past or move forward and do what must be done.
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    I don't remember who said it, but someone said that both making friends and losing friends is a good sign of growth. In my experience most friends are seasonal and I am not necessarily attached to others or the most social person, so I guess its a bit easier for me to just be myself and whoever fades away fades away. You only get one life as far as we know and it shouldn't be directed by who wants to be friends with you.
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  3. Quezatolah

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    I think good friendship consist of both people respecting each others boundaries, aslong as you don't cross others and they don't cross you, be good to them.