The "Trigger Waterfall"

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Semaphore, Nov 16, 2017.

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    Been thinking about triggers lately and how many there are in my life to overcome. It made me think that all kinds of acting out (whatever it is you are here to try and overcome - P, M, etc etc) are subject to triggers. So why when we know what those triggers are do we still get caught and end up acting out?
    One reason is that we havent yet built up sufficient resistance to control the bad behaviours.
    Another is the thought that little triggers lead to bigger ones which lead to bigger still and on towards acting out. Like paddling downstream towards a waterfall. Each dab of the oar takes us a little closer to the edge until the current takes control of us and we go over. P is the biggest trigger (for me) to escort visits. By controlling access to and consumption of P I am successfully impacting my escort visit rate.
    But there are smaller triggers that lead me towards P consumption (eg solitude) and there are smaller ones still that lead towards those. Some so small as to be un-noticeable; the flop of a runners hair as she passes by could be the start of a cascade of activities and thoughts that may ultimately lead to acting out.
    So all im saying is watch for the small triggers and, since they are more easily managed, avoid those then perhaps the bigger ones will take care of themselves. Just a thought.

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