Traumatological Hygiene Challenge

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  1. I've had problems with my posture since I was 11 years old (with a Vitamin D deficience); and I've always tried to change it. Many people, for different reasons have bad posture. Having a good posture motivates me to Nofap, and vice versa. Also I've dealt with a bit of ligament laxity, high pain and pes cavus.

    So as my username says, I want to change myself. And I thought that there are people dealing with these and other problems.

    Every day for 30 days, post actions that help to your bones, muscles and articulations, such as...

    • Stretch your hands, legs, arms and back each hour if you are sitting for more than an hour (There are a lot of 5-or-less minute routines on the Internet)
    • Keep a good posture (tip: use a "key" to remember it, e.g.: when you see someone that's taller than you, try to straighten your column to look a bit taller)
    • Organise your bag by weight
    • Exercise, it isn't necessary to go to a gym, but you can dance, run, use the stairs.
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    My Journal
    I am not going to college. Preparing for exams at my room. I keep lying all the day, using my phone with my neck... I really wrong poture. I have suffered really bad spondolysis like symptoms and I am only 20. Spondolysis is spines related pain. Extreme pain due to bad posture.
    Don't know what to do?
    One thing I have in mind ... The doctor told me about some exercises for my neck,... Those I will do regularly for this challenge and I will post here regarding it everyday.

    Also I will try to keep my back straight... And not lie down on bed whenever I my room.. and some to her things which you said.
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