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    I'm on day 4 tomorrow and am feeling uneasy. I was very confident and I have a huge goal of meeting an online brother in the spring. I met this friend on experience project when I was dealing with depression and rejection. I think rejection drove me to masturbation in the first place and keeps driving me back whey I lose hope for a breakthrough. I have a hard time making and keeping friends as I'm not always able to be entertaining or upbeat. I feel people in general get bored of others and move on anyway... Thanks social media... Seems it's made us a commodity to one another. I'm just hoping I can keep this up because I want my bro to be proud of me as he's actually one that doesn't leave. Most importantly since I'm stuck with myself I don't want to live with a disappointment.. Me.
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    Hey mate, I hope you're doing OK.
    Communication is the opposite of addiction. You may not be able to make friends and keep them for now(as you mentioned) but you can definitely talk to your parents on the phone everyday. Just to check up on them and talk about anything. It might sound so stupid to do so, Be that as it may, just go for it. Try it and let's see what happens.

    Besides first week of your streak is truly the hardest part of your recovery. We all feel bad generally and keeping the motivation is hard. Urges are too frequent and we might even get headaches(as I did have them in first two weeks) and feel down most of the times. My advice for you is to stay strong. This will pass. It's only 7 days. I am not suggesting that things will get easy miraculously but they will become a lot more bearable.

    You need to take action in order to improve. If you have a problem do something about it. Do u have urges? try cold showers. Meditate on a daily basis and stay away from phone and internet 1 hour before bed. Social media was too triggering for me so I deleted my Instagram page thoroughly. See what's triggering you and remove them right in the spot.

    Be patient. This takes time to break free from this addiction. Relapses happen. just make sure you're back on the track. Hope this helps!

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