What are some good ways to lose weight?

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by skaterdrew, Mar 5, 2020.

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    I have tried a handful of things over the years to lose weight. Dieting, eating healthier, and exercise. But there was really only one thing that caused me to lose a lot of weight, and lose a lot of weight quickly.

    The thing that caused me to lose a lot of weight and lose a lot of weightly quickly was intermittent fasting.

    Th first time I did intermittent fasting I literally jumped straight in to the warrior diet. This was eating two healthy meals a day, no snacks, and then not eating anything for 20 hours, and only consuming water or black coffee with no sugar ofcourse for 20 hours.

    The first time I did this you wouldn't actually believe how different I looked withing two week. Literally two weeks and everyone was saying to me I have lost weight.

    So I done this diet for over a year. But I did go back to sometimes eating fattening food and sometimes drinking alcohol. So maybe on average a few days of the week I was drinking alcohol and eating fattening food, but then the rest of the week I done this strict intermittent fasting. While I was doing this for a long time I didn't lose any more weight, but I didn't gain any weight either. I just remained the same weight for a long time.

    But with going from this strict healthy eating and intermittent fasting for days, and then other days drinking alcohol and eating crap and then going back to the healthy diet and intermittent fasting. These changes in diet and eating literally kept making me feel unwell, like it was a shock to my body. I seemed to feel fine if I only done the health diet and fasting, or I did sometimes drink and not eat the best but I wasn't doing the intermittent fasting at all. But it seemed to be switching from one to the other all the time did actually make me feel unwell.

    This was quite difficult to me. Because it literally felt like I could never let lose ever, and sometimes enjoy my self by having a drink and maybe eating some junk food or fast food.

    I also have issues with quite severe ocd, so I became very obsessed with intermittent fasting. It just somewhat made me feel like a robot. It was like I can eat now, I must stop eating now. I can drink something else apart from water or back coffee now, I must only drink water or black coffee now ext.

    The reason for this is because while you're in a fast you don't want to consume anything that rasises your insulin levels enough that basically break your fast. Water does not raise insulin, and black coffee on it's own doesn't raise insulin enough to break a fast. But many beverages would raise insulin enough to break a fast.

    But basically I am frustrated with all this weight I am piling on. It seems eating health the majority of the time and then occasionally drinking and not eating as good isn't enough to maintain my weight, it is actually piling weight on me.

    From what I have read exercise is only about 15% to do with weight loss, and that is people who push exercise to the limit. Generally exrercise is only about 5% to do with weight loss for most people.

    So I am really wondering what I can do to get this weight back off quick. It's frustrating how easily and quick weight seems to go on me. Ok if I was always drinking and eating crap then fair enough. But I am eating healthy the majority of the time and only drinking and maybe not eating good one or two days a week, and boom this is causing rapid weight gain.

    Like I say when I done the intermittent fasting most of the time and sometimes drank and not eat as good, this didn't make me lose weight, but it didn't make me gain any weight wither. I just maintained my weight.

    What do you guys do to succuesfully lose and miantain weight?
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    Keep a lifestyle you can easy hang on to for the rest of your life.
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    Well I don't want to sound flippant but - don't eat shit, move your ass. That's about it.
    There's a lot on here about fasting, I'm not so sure. Going into a sudden and dramatic calorie deficit is never good. And a very important point to remember is that weight is far from the whole story. In fact weight is a pretty poor indicator of relative health. Wrap yourself in plastic and sit in a sauna and you will lose kilos - kilos of water, as an example. I haven't seen any research but I'm guessing the weight lost on fasts is mostly muscle not fat, that is not good.
    The low carb thing works to a degree, though I think if you go full on zero carbs yes the weight will fall off but it's absolutely not sustainable. But ditching huge amounts of rice, pasta, potatoes, bread is a very good place to start.
    What crap are you eating and how much/often?
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  4. FY_33

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    Sport often. I am literally running 2 km everyday, if i play football that distance increased
  5. Di.Do.555

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    Intermittent fasting
  6. fredisthebes

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    Following this thread with interest. I have made a few abortive attempts to lose weight over the years, in fact I am attempting to again now. But I find it particularly difficult for similar reasons.

    I have tried intermittent fasting with limited results. I think that it takes so much self-discipline to 'fast' that I am really letting myself go nuts when I am not fast, rather than eating 'normally'. I am also feeling like I am using up too much of my self-discipline reserve in not eating, that it has an effect on the other areas of my life that I am trying to get under control - including NF, study, exercise etc. The best for me is to find a diet and lifestyle that I can stick to that doesn't require (much) discipline.

    What I am trying at the moment: meal planning. Decision making makes me fatigued, if I have had a bad day and I am tired and fed up, I am going to make a poor decision with regards to what I cook myself to eat. Solution: I have made that decision already, at the weekend before when I was chilled out and wanted to make myself healthier. So I stick to the meal plan and cook what I planned to, no decision required.
    A further step to take this would be meal prepping, but that doesn't really suit me at the moment. But careful and wise meal planning is ok.

    Regular meals and snacks. This is personal. A great many people get results from eating once (or twice) a day, intermittent fasting, etc. This doesn't suit me and my attitude towards food. If I feed hungry it is much easier for me to deal with if I am able to have a healthy snack in 2 hours' time, rather than 'tomorrow morning'. I don't want to use up my self-discipline on food. So I plan carefully and make sure that I am able to eat 4-5 times a day without going over my calorie goals. Talking of which:

    Keeping a food diary. I use myfitnesspal and log everything I eat. Frequently I go over my targets, but I keep tracking anyway and try and go over a bit less next time, etc.

    I'm not sure how I feel about 'cheat days'. I think they are for people with a much more restrictive diet than mine. I don't 'forbid' anything, I eat out, etc. but make sure everything is logged and (try and) stick to my limits every day. So there shouldn't be any need for cheats as I am not using huge amounts of self discipline, really.

    But everyone is different, so try different things to see what works out for you. You've shown you have the discipline to stick to a diet and lose weight, which is great! So your next step is to find a permanent diet/lifestyle that you can stick to with no/minimal effort, that won't lead you to gain weight again. Good luck!
  7. Cuauhtli

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    Intermittent fasting, exercise, with cardio and less junk food carbs as well
  8. FastAndAddicted

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    IF isn't magical. It has amazing health benefits but it's not enough for losing weight by itself. Eat less, do cardio... They are SLOWS your metabolism in long period. You should eat WELL and start lifting.
  9. palindromo

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    I'll write some advices , but my biggest is : go to a nutritionist specialist.
    I say this because alchool + fasting is deleterious , it lowers the levels of vitamins and minerals. You should take this problem seriously . I think about syndromes like beri beri...

    However, some technical advices are: chew slowly , do not blend food, drink a lot with meals, begins meals with vegetables.

    A healthy daily diet for weight loss should include : vegetables (300g) , a lot legumes , unrefined cereals with many fibers (100% integral bread , integral rice ), little extra-virgin olive oil , fruit between meals as many as you want ( no avocados , max 2 bananas) , to limit milk ( it has lactose ) , carbohydrates are not banned but lowered ,proteins can stop hunger ( low fat proteins like chicken , lot of fish , eggs 1/2 per day ...) , little unpeeled nuts , no frying allowed , cheese are banned.

    You should read nutritional values of everything maybe with an app , moderate anything above 150 kcal per 100 g and everything with lots of fats in particular saturated fats , and salt.

    You should calculate your Body mass index ( BMI ) and your max daily intake calories and decrease it by 400-500
    approximately . For exeple for an avarage person 2000kcal - 400 = 1600 kcal daily for weight loss.

    Cheat meals, snacks , desserts are not allowed , but there 're exceptions ( parties , restaurants , social events ) . To eat with friends in a social context ( 1 time per week ) can't be negative , but try to limit demage, do not exceed. if you want a whim, buy it, but don't exceed .

    Gold standard rule : don't have junk food at home.
  10. Max666

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    You shouldn't find Intermittent fasting hard if you do it right. You gotta make sure sure you're last meal is high fat so you store energy. Coffee in the morning should give you enough energy till 12pm.

    If you're having trouble with appetite you just need to eat healthy foods that taste unpleasant (like kale and lard), after a while you'll learn to appreciate the taste of 'natural' foods and anything salty or sugary will seem overkill. You gotta recondition your taste buds. Most people can lose weight but just dont want to because of this reconditioning. Junk food means too much to them. There are other ways to feel good though, you dont need tasty food.
  11. +1 to intermittent fasting!
    I lost 90 pounds in less than a year with intermittent fasting. I alternated between 16:8 and OMAD (one-meal-a-day) depending on my daily schedule, ate healthy protein and nutrient rich diet and drank at least 3/4 gallon of water in a day. It took me about 3 weeks to get used to it but after that it was very smooth sailing.
    I've tried lose weight many times before without success but intermittent fasting did the job.

    - Mike
  12. juniormelville

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    Mindful eating will help to make the change more natural so you won't have to apply that iron discipline. When you eat, concentrate on what you are doing and your physical senses. Don't drift into thinking about something else. Chew and taste the food consciously. Then you will become aware of the subtle flavours in the food and your taste will change. Fresh, natural food will seem more delicious, full of subtle flavours, and processed junk food will taste harsh, nasty and full of chemicals - which it is. Your body will start to tell you what to eat and what to avoid. The only problem then is social eating, where your choice is restricted and you don't want to project your ego by making a big deal out of it. But you can still choose the least harmful thing on the menu.
  13. Daxos

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    Intermittent fasting 16/8 method. Google it, or look video's of it on Youtube. It is the absolute best thing I used.
  14. lamstronger

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    To be honest, you will lose weight when you are in a caloric deficit. Doesn't matter what diet you're on.
    Google and calculate your caloric needs, depending on your age, height and lifestyle and follow from there.
    You can achieve weight loss with any diet as long as you don't eat over the calory limit.
    Sure, intermittent fasting, keto, low carb and all those diets help, but if you can't maintain them, they won't work. An if it fits your macros approach will allow you to enjoy food, as long as you don't overeat. Follow something, that fits to your lifestyle and something, that you will maintain without it being a struggle. Think long-term.

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