What Attracts Women (MUST READ!!!)

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    There is no clear cut definition of what drives female attraction yet. That's the truth.
    Female attraction does not operate like male attraction. Male attraction is pretty straightforward: visually based, focused on physical features and more or less universal. What attracts women and arouses them can be maddeningly unpredictable!
    The first difficulty in understanding female sexual attraction is that women can become attracted and aroused both physically and/or psychologically.

    1) There's one universal quality in men that they all find desirable: perceived social status. Women want men who are more successful, powerful and popular than they are. This is clear. But how women perceive power and status? I believe the perception of power and status is quite relative and culturally constructive.
    I believe that women don't distinguish social status or being an "alpha male" through material possessions- otherwise every guy flashing his expensive watch at the bar would be getting laid - but rather women judge it by BEHAVIOUR, as behaviour is all they had to go on in the caveman days, and therefore, throughout the majority of human evolution.

    Studies show that women are equally attracted to men that they believe have the potential to be extremely successful as they are to men who are already successful.

    As a man, you don't have to actually be rich and famous, you just have to show a lot of potential for being rich and famous to be considered extremely attractive.
    Social status (and therefore attractiveness) is determined by how you behave around other people, how other people behave around you, and how you treat yourself.

    2) The other common denominator of female attraction has more to do with sexual arousal rather than general attraction. It's the desire to be desired.
    It had long been thought that female arousal was tied to ideas and display of security, investment and commitment, particularly from high status men. Unfortunately for psychologists, women don't light candles and lay in their bathtubs masturbating to a mortgage and white picket fence. They fantasize about far different things.
    The new conclusion is that female arousal is somewhat narcissistic in nature. Women are turned on by being wanted, by being desired. A passionate and uncontrollable desire. They want to be desired to the point that a man completely loses awareness and self-control.
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    Powerful wisdom man, thanks! how credible is your source?
  3. ALPHABat

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    Have you not seen ugly dudes dating hot girls? Why are they attracted to them?
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    Yes, that is so true, i was on a vacation in Greece.
    And only ugly dudes with the most beautiful girls.
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    You are using an exaggeration to make your point, right? I doubt that there are many women who are attracted to men who can't control their reactions to attractive women. Otherwise rapists would have a lot more admirers.
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    Oh right, so you mean like unstifled energy emanating in manly behaviour.

    This comes from a man realizing what he is, namely; a god walking lightly on this earth. lol
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    Hmm I dont really agree with the article/researhc. I think that real women (not those outliers lol) are attracted to strong men. I mean strong on the inside. They define themselves. They are independant and bright minded. There is nothing more unappealing that a dizzy-from-so-much-wanking/no-expression face on a male. You see that on women but its not much of a big deal. Men are fire my friend, they need to be more like air. Air the is the element of the morning and of sharpness of mind like birds or crows. Nobody likes strong fucks wiht no brains, intelligence, innovation, sharpness or mind, deciseveness are characteristics of true masculinity, not that crap shown in the media.

    However reading back on my words, I dont mean being a wanker, a hippy (or a lightworker as they call it nowadays), one of them guys with light clothes and baby faces because they are so mama boy. It simply means being a warrior. When I say you define yourself, I mean you define your morals, your personality in public and so on. THAT is the result of being intelligent, innovative, decisive, A MAN. On the other hand if you play video games all day long and wank do you see how you are the opposite of all these? That is a boy. You want to be a man.
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    Purely perception. To be honest, those women found those men attractive. I find it impossible to find attractive people ugly. Part of it is a cultural boundary, but in my opinion, most of it is perception, it lies in the eye of the beholder. Just because we find that man ugly, doesn't make him so. Honestly, he may find himself absolutely beautiful, the @Gaston of Greece.

    I would be interested to hear the opinions of some our of female participants opinions on this subject. After all, not every journey is the same.
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    Maybe you should look up Game...
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    I'm not sure I agree entirely with this. You're basically implying that if you do 'this, this and this' it's a magic formula to get the women. I don't think that's necessarily the case.

    I've learned through being on dates that you need to be 'the man' and the prize/catch to be won. For me, when I've been on dates recently, I know my worth and how scarce I am as a commodity. Why? Because I'm a rarity in that there's only one, not a cookie cutter, identikit player. What would happen say, if there were carbon copies of me made tomorrow, clones of me? My value would drop. So in other words, you need to work on being the best you that's possible.

    You also need to set core values that define you and that you live and die by. That's far more respectful to anyone than everything else combined. If you don't stand for something in life, you'll fall for everything.

    Bottom line to take away from this post is this: be so good, that they can't ignore you.
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    Amen to that!
  12. No shade towards the op, but I do find it ironic that's it's always a guy on here telling us what women want.
    oh and one serious question, @7BootyK why u got booty in your name? :p:D
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    Booty means 'herb' in my country, India.
  14. Interesting.
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  16. Veritech

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    I do not think that we (men) can categorize half of humanity (women).

    It is a bad outlook on life to view all of womankind to be like Anna Nicole Smith.

    This is what got us into porn in the first place. Easy answers to difficult questions.

    We are trying to achieve a type of societal manhood that is unattainable to most of us. Instead of applying ourselves to meet and date real people who happen to have different genitals than us, we categorize and blame the women for our own failures and misgivings.

    Worse, instead of applying ourselves and earning the privilege of having sex with a willing female partner, we in turn watch someone else, who is getting paid mind you, have sex with the person we wish we were having sex with. Instead of becoming jealous, we find this arousing.

    This is not healthy and we appear to be doomed to repeat this over and over.

    What came first - misogyny or porn?
  17. BruceWaynex10

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    This is from Mark Manson’s book Models. Hardly an orginal thought.....
  18. I'm not so sure on this part, don't have much experience on getting lady but i could see that self control is always a good tool to reach your final goal with them.
  19. elevate

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    I don't know what an entire gender wants.

    I do scary, difficult, and uncertain things that I know I should be doing to become the man I want to be and to have the life that I want to have.

    If people want to be a part of that path and they resonate with who I am, then they're welcome to join in the fun. Either way I'm good with or without them. I won't convince anybody to be interested in me. They either are or they aren't. I'll go after what I want, but I won't be attached to the outcome because I understand that not everything works out and not everyone is interested in me.

    I can't control another complete human being. One that grew up with a completely different set of circumstances and on a different journey than I am. Someone with different advantages and disadvantages / strengths and weaknesses than I do. Someone with individual interests, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. I will be bold and clear with my intentions so that they will be bold and clear with their interest level in me. No time for games because I'm busy expanding my own life and growing myself.

    So what do women want? Sometimes it's me and sometimes it's not me. Either way... I don't take it personally.

    Some people like me and some people don't.

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