What is mean by SPIRITUALITY? - If i like jesus, does it mean iam spiritual?

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  1. Zillion

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    Just becoming an devotee or follower of specific religion itself wont define SPIRITUALITY...

    as most of the hindus follows Hindu. People of saudi follows Islam..

    but whats the exact point of spirituality...

    by any means of chance do we become spiritual person with neither religion nor a god..

    also what does mean by enlightenment?.. is that about obtain all the knowledge around us or to live without any dependencies like "responsibility, commitment, goal e.t.c..."

    can we call oneself spiritual if he does follow any abstinence?.

    let me know what are the core qualities i do supposed to keep up if i want to become devotee of Christianity.

    also let me know why do followers of Buddhism wont define buddha 'Siddartha Gautama' as god..but in rest of the religious communities calls their founder of the religion as GOD... how that was occurred?


    proffet Mohammed - Messenger of GOD
    lord krishna - Avatar of GOD
    Jesus - Incarnation of GOD
  2. Ra's Al Ghul

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    When I hear people say this I interpret it as that they personally can respect spiritual/religious morals, but don't want to be burdened by actually obligating them to be accountable to moral precepts. For example, someone that can respect Christianity from a distance but do not want to be bothered by going to church.
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    Spirituality is probably something where you realign with yourself, thinking more healthy, approving that there is some higher energy (whatever we call it) that is taking care of everything. Your life opinions are changing for deeper, you are happier, and you have wisdom and you spend some time just with yourself to know yourself better.
  4. May God bless and guide you. Do you read the Bible?
  5. Ra's Al Ghul

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    When some say spiritual they like to make themselves seem progressive hip, ie. the Dalai Lama is my homeboy.
  6. The word "spirituality" comes from latin word "spiritus", which is a form of the latin word "spirit", which means "to breath". In mythology breath symbolizes life. So knowing these facts we can then come to concision that to be spiritual means to be alive.

    What does it mean to be alive?

    When I look at most religions around the world, whether that would be Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and so on, I notice a pattern. All of them seem to focus on developing consciousness. Some religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, are better at it than others. Early forms of Christianity was very much the same as modern Buddhism, until it became a tool of power and control and lost it's roots. Islam very much the same. But all of them in different ways are trying to help people to wake up. Whether that would be through the means of meditation, prayer or following some rules such as eight fold path or commandments.

    I see many people, including me most of the time, walking through their life half asleep. So much in our head. In our beliefs, our dogmas, etc. One day I went for meditation at evening and I then realized that most of my day I was unconscious going through my life on auto pilot. I did brush my teeth, did some schoolwork, hang out with friends, etc. But all of it was kind of like a dream. It was and it wasn't. It's not like I was unconscious of where I was and what I was doing, but at the same time all my thoughts were kind of automatic habits. The more I meditate the more I notice this in myself and others. And more glimpses of pure awareness I have in my life.

    When we walk through life like that are we really alive? I don't think we are truly alive. How can we be truly alive when we are not even truly here consciously? That's what being spiritual means to me. To be truly alive. Or at least seeking to be. And I think that's what enlightenment is, to unlock your mind in such a way that it is truly present and ware.

    Buddha was God just as much as Jesus was God. Because the Buddha was one with the awake nature. When Jesus said he was God by God he did not mean an entity separate from everything. What he meant was buddha nature. The realization of unity. That everything is one. And if he was one with everything then he was everything. And that's what God is is waster mysticism. Western mysticism uses slightly different language than eastern mysticism. So of course some religion will claim that Jesus is God and other will claim that Krishna is avatar of God, etc. But it's all is one and the same meaning hidden behind different mystical languages. Once you study mystical language and history of religions you see that they all are the same. It's all about making you more conscious, more alive, more spiritual.
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    Well, technically, if you hate Jesus with every cell in your body, you'd still be spiritual

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