What's the point of nofap if it makes you feel like shit

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Bandido, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Bandido

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    Every time I try NoFap for at least 1 to 2 weeks, I feel like shit, blue balls everyday, I feel tired, sleepy, frustrated, I feel more depressed and negative. I kept track of my sleep, constantly sleeping 8 to 9 hours, yet every time I'm on this NoFap bullshit, I feel tired as fuck. I have massive hardons during the night, that I can even feel them WHILE I'm sleep and of course, this disrupts my sleep for a few seconds

    I'm a delivery driver in the sunny 90-95 degree florida weather, I can't afford this bullshit, fam. Isn't this crap supposed to make you feel better than worse?

    I searched online and apparently is a common problem that can last months on end, screw that. The only benefit of this NoFap is that helps keep your erections at max, that's all.

    You can avoid all this tired/withdrawal crap by simply fapping every 2 days to NO PORN, which in my experience is around after 5 days where you experience all this bullshit negative side effects, screw that

    Every 2 days may not be perfect, but it would allow progress in terms of erection power without experience these stupid side effects
  2. bken

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    The symptoms you describe are indeed related to withdrawal.
    Masturbation without porn will not necessarily prevent symptoms.

    It's your dependence on dopamine that makes you feel like crap when you quit using porn.

    It's scientifically proven that long term pmo use shrinks the brain's reward center because of over stimulation (actually removes receptors from the brain to compensate for the high dopamine itself). Masturbation isn't all that better man.

    I understand your frustration but unfortunately withdrawal and recovery are part of this addiction. What's really at stake here is the brain's health. Causing further damage to the brain's reward center is not a good idea, even if that means having to go through withdrawals.

    Like drug abuse, it really is a self-destructive habit.
  3. Uncomfortably Numb

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    I echo bken above... these are real withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately they hit some harder than others, similarly the benefits also vary.
    I don't wish to patronise but these symptoms may be indicative of just how tight a grip this evil addiction has you in.
    Please persevere it will get easier
  4. Bandido

    Bandido Fapstronaut

    I'm well aware of what these symptoms mean. This is why I'm trying to recover in my on way, limiting porn to only a few minutes a days and masturbate every 2 or 3 days to minimize these symptoms, then, just quit porn, and masturbate to my thoughts only. I can't afford to wait months until I don't have these withdrawal symptoms anymore. Maybe if I was unemployed or had a boring ass office job where you're sitting all day in the ac.

    Like the other day, while i was in the 9th day of NoFap, I slept for 9 hours, no interruptions, yet that day I felt tired, yawning all morning, like wtfI had to break this NoFap

    I'll recover in my own way
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  5. This is the cause of bottling up like a chicken held up by it's neck.

    You needs to stop fatisizing and releasing sexual hormones and dopamines every time you see a woman on the street. This includes not watching p, revulgar content or further masturbating. You need to do proper celibacy.

    Celibacy is not bottling up or not doing but ciruclation of energy. So this circulate energy you need to let it build up and not disturb it with porn and masturbation. You should get at least minimum amount of exercise so your organs aren't giving their 80% just for daily life activities. The more stress there is in the body, the more irritation of nerves there is which affenct the mind and ruins mindfullness. If lustful thoughts are entertained sexual hormones are released and chain reactions in the body are started. You can feel them really. You do not need actual porn to watch porn/lust. Nor do you need actual physical stimulation to get an erection and full on orgasm with ejaculation. For the brain if you remember something in the past, or experience something in the present, or imagine something in the future, it is all the same. The brain and body do not experience time.

    Do some meditation or better than just watching your breath passively for 10 or 20minutes a day. Do some form of concentration exercises. Google concentration exercises. It WILL help to make you more mind-FULL in the body and the moment that is - the present moment.
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  6. Duellant

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    Fair enough. It doesn't sound like the perfect plan to me, but it's a start. Nevertheless I'd educate myself a little more on the issue. When you want to battle an addiction you should have some knowledge about it, I mean not some random facts but a solid basis from where you can plan your moves.
    Do you need help? Tips? Links? Just ask!

    Take care! All the best!
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  7. JJackson

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    "Nothing worth doing is easy"

    What's the point of stroking your dick while watching other people fuck which then fucks up your brain? The reason we feel like shit is because we've already fucked up our minds so it goes to shit for a while when it isn't getting what it wants.

    Its like a spoiled ass child. You've spent years giving him literally everything he wants, he's never heard "no" in his life. So inevitably when you stop that shit the kid goes fucking insane and throws tantrums over it and just loses his mind. At that point you can either say "fuck it" and just keep giving him everything he wants to make things easier but then have him grow into a complete shitbag.

    Or you push through the difficult shit, hold strong and teach the fucker discipline. Tell him "no", make him understand that's not how shit works, make him have to deal with the reality of not getting every fucking thing he wants. As a result he'll come to terms with it over time and in the end will grow into a good person instead of shitbag.

    Sure in the moment its easier to just give him what he wants but in the end that shit is not worth it. You've wasted tons of money and he's grown into a terrible adult who's gonna struggle like a mother fucker.

    It's pointless.

    Fight through the hard shit, make it to the other side and have a better life as a result of it. Stay strong man!
  8. jorg78

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    NoFap is not for everyone, you have to prepare yourself for a journey that takes maybe up to 2 years of withdrawal symptoms.
  9. JJackson

    JJackson Fapstronaut

    Orgasms drain the absolute fuck out of your body, that's why you're tired. If you're gonna "do it your own way" you'd at least be better off looking at porn and saying away from MO. But properly cutting off all of it is really the only way to go to stop feeling like shit. If you don't commit to fully getting clean then you're stuck in the phase of feeling like shit all the time because you're still feeding the addiction.

    I went 77 days without P but still M and I felt like shit the whole time. In fact I felt better after the full relapse than I did for the entire 77 days. In May I stopped everything and it was way better within like 2 weeks and a lot better after a month.

    Drop MO or everything. Sure P isn't good but draining your body like that every 3 days is just pointless.
  10. Bandido

    Bandido Fapstronaut

    Screw that. I can't live 2 years with those annoying ass symptoms.
  11. Bandido

    Bandido Fapstronaut

    Your "theory" doesn't make sense.

    "Orgasm drain the shit out of your body", yet it doesn't. I said I feel tired, sleepy and overall like crap when I'm around 1 week without fapping, but when I break the fap and masturbate daily again, I return to normal. Of course, this is because of withdrawal and I know that, doesn't mean I want to experience those symptoms for months if not years.

    Many people hear deal in absolutes. The male body was not meant to not have sexual release, whether this is sex or masturbation. Humans have been masturbating and fucking for millennia, yet here we are.

    I simply cannot afford to feel this way when I have a job that involves alertness and is physical.
  12. Cool then this forum serves no purpose to you. Are you gonna sit here and complain all day how nofap sucks and you don’t wanna do it, or just simply stop doing it? If it sucks so bad go back to watching porn if you think that makes you happy.
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  13. Bandido

    Bandido Fapstronaut

    I'm not new to this NoFap thing. I've done it before, but I always break it because of these symptoms. Unlike drugs, such as alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, caffeine, etc which the body was NOT mean to consume as part of its necessary functions. the male body DOES need to have sexual release. This is why you have testosterone in your body. This is why is easier to quit these drugs and addictions than this.

    Otherwise, this forum wouldn't exist and everyone would be "cured" already. They are not cured because there is no such thing, you're fighting against mother nature, against a biological need that your body has, unlike drugs and other addiction, which are not needed by the body, and are just a want.

    I have high testosterone and obviously a high libido. Why should abstain myself from sexual release and especially having sex? Why are you people abstaining so much, do you plan on not have sex never again? What's the point. Do you realize that having sex is the same as masturbation, and it involves dopamine, it will "break" your precious NoFap.

    Whenever I'm on this NoFap. I feel depressed, duel on the negative, it makes sense, because masturbating does help you cope with problems you may have, it serves to relieve frustration and anger. It is not a solution.

    You want to be "cured" of this so called addiction, and what will you gain from it? a badge of honor? most of the "benefits" such as confidence, more muscle, better with women, more intelligence, etc are nothing but placebo, without any real proof whatsoever to back these claims.

    All you really gained was months of suffering with withdrawal symptoms. Most guys watch porn and masturbate, I don't think it exist a man who does not masturbate at least once a week or have sex.
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  14. Thank you for motivating me to go watch porn and masurbate.
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  15. Still not understanding what your purpose of being here is if that is your outlook on porn addiction.
    It’s not healthy or natural to have weak to no erections with a real life female when you’re in your 20s.
    It’s not normal to stare at a screen as a source of sexual pleasure multiple times a week.
    It’s not our “biological need” to essentially impregnate pixilated women.
    Needing to change your sexuality just to continue having a pleasure response is not “Mother Nature”.
    When you watch porn and fap you are Isolating yourself in a room away from everyone else escaping reality for however long, going into another zone just to immerse yourself enough to imitate the pleasures of sex. That is not even closely comparible to connecting/interacting with another person to acheive sexual satisfaction.

    So you’re trying to argue it’s a biological need to fuck your hand with an imagine in front of you to assist?
    Isn’t that imitating and faking the real biological need to have sex and reproduce..give me a break

    Porn is a natural thing sure thing lmao
  16. JJackson

    JJackson Fapstronaut

    Ummm, its not a theory its factually proven.... Same with basically everything you're mad about, these things are proven with research.

    If you're so hostile and against getting clean why are you even on here? Every reply of your is some kind of rebuttal, so why are you still asking? Just go on with your life and jack off, what's the problem here?
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  17. Bandido

    Bandido Fapstronaut

    I like how you ignore the part where I said porn is the problem and humans have been masturbating for thousands of years. I didnt say porn is a natural thing. I said sexual release is a biological need caused by your hormones aka testosterone, this explains why when you testosterone levels are low, you don't have any sexual desire AT ALL.

    Now, you assume everyone has the same testosterone and libido. Lots of people out there who watch porn all the time and never have a problem with erections or anything you mentioned either.
  18. Diddyrex

    Diddyrex Fapstronaut

    That’s all? Lol that’s pretty important. I’ll keep my strong erections thank you.
  19. Masturbation itself isn’t terrible but if if someone previously had a problem with porn, that luxury is pretty much ruined.
    If you wanna beat your meat every once in a while go ahead. I don’t see why you’re so argumentative and defensive about it. If you don’t like hearing about abstaining, maybe you shouldn’t be on this forum (justtttt saying). I don’t think many atheists attend church.
    You can hoot and holler all day about how it’s normal, you’d essentially be trying to get everyone to pack their bags and leave nofap. Or you could just evaluate your situation, have your own opinion on the topic and apply it to your own life.
    Your view of nofap being this unnecessary evil burden to ones life is not gonna coincide with hardly anyone on here.
    Good luck if you continue to try lol
  20. Bandido

    Bandido Fapstronaut

    and you can obtain that without having to become a monk

    if you can't have good erections without having to do nofap for months, then chances are you have other problems, probably low testosterone, which is the case of many people here

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