Where is your nickname from?

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  1. lantti

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    Well, I lied a bit. I did do my homework, and all the school stuff, but it didn't feel like a chore and I read all the books the day they distributed them to us. Everything was easy back then.
  2. potemkin

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    Hey! My nickname comes from a soviet silent movie of the mid 20's.
    It tells the story of battleship Potemkin, where russian soldiers uprised against there superiors who mistreated and fed rotten food to them. Beside this soviet/communist revolutionary story the movie tells, this movie trascended and was declared the best movie in history, because of the innovations in cameras usage and a very solid book.
    Yeah, im a movie geek!
  3. FEEL

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    'A' stands for the first letter of my crush's name and iLy for 'I love you'..
    simple as that :D
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  4. It stands for memento mori which is Latin for "remember that you have to die". It's part of an old meditation practice of early Christians, specifically Catholics, of reflecting on mortality, especially as a means of considering the vanity of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits. It's part of the 4 Last Things Christians are called to meditate on. Taken from Sirach 7:40; "In all thy works remember thy last end, and thou shalt never sin."
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  5. nalimsky

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    my reversed real name + sky
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  6. Mankrik

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    From the 2004 Popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. It was an infamous quest for Horde characters in the Barrens called Lost in Battle. The quest objective was to find Mankrik's wife but there was no information as to where she was which made the quest infamous due to new players constantly asking about it in the Barrens chat channel. The quest NPC you needed was incredibly far away and turned out to be dead because she was killed by quillboars. The subsequent quest Mankrik gives you is called Consumed by Hatred and you have to bring him 60 quillboar tusks. My profile picture and Name are Mankrik, the questgiver.
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  7. PhantomOfThePixels

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    First of all Porcupine Tree is awesome and I'm real sad they split :(

    PhantomOfThePixel comes from a name I chose a while back that was meant to be edgy and cool like DigitalPh33r, the guy that made those Arby n the Chief machinimas.

    The name itself is a variation of another set of names I had, chiefly 'PixelatedGhost' but I had other names like PixelatedPhantom or PixelatedWraith

    I dno why the pixel motif, cus I do pixel art I guess.

    Oh and Phantom of the Opera probably

    I also go by Null_. That's just edgy.
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  8. Sunshadow

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    Mine is from an LCG that I play called Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. Leo Sunshadow is my favourite of the main characters, and I liked the connotations when applied to my struggle with porn.

    Back and forth between sunlight and shadow. It is mine to decide which side of the line I come down on. :)
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  9. Yes me too. Quite sad, allthough I wasn't that big a fan of their last album. Still they have some really great albums to re-listen to :). Steven Wilsons solo albums are also quite good. Have you heard them?

    I really like your nickname!
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  10. PhantomOfThePixels

    PhantomOfThePixels Fapstronaut

    I have. The Raven That Refuse To Sing was quite good.

    My favourite album has gotta be Deadwing tho, I mentioned in my intro post that I could relax and listen to music quite easily, one of the pieces I would listen to is Arriving Somewhere But Not Here. Fantastic song.

    And yeah, I didn't really like The Incident either.
  11. Poseidon

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    Because I’m god of the sea, of course. :p
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  12. Deadwing is a great record yes and Arriving Somewhere is pretty fantastic. I usually say a mix between "Lightbulb Sun", "Signify" and "In Absentia". It's really impossible to choose between them. They are all so good and have their own vibe I can't get enough of.

    Did you hear his last solo album? It was more poppy, but I really liked it. Came out this year!
  13. PhantomOfThePixels

    PhantomOfThePixels Fapstronaut

    Seemed really pandering.
    I don't like that.
  14. Menta_Na

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  15. CompulsiveCrab

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    From having a 9mm in hs

    Username from anti social recluse and negative outlook
  16. PasterofMuppets

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  17. Kenzi

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    2017-12-01 09-27.jpg Kenzi likes coffee
    (I had to find a good picture) @weddingnails
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  18. Oh yeah, I saw a couple of episodes of that show. The little I saw I remember liking her character the most :). Seen Wynona Earp? One of the producers from Lost Girl (Emily Andras) made that one.
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  19. RecoveringFapaholic

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    Well fapaholic is like alcoholic and I'm in the process of recovery from PMO addiction. My first username on this site was Limp P. Dickinson. It has the words "limp dick" in it and one of my teachers had the last name Dickinson. The P stood for penis. I didn't like that name so I changed it to Recovering Fapaholic.
  20. RecoveringFapaholic

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    I've always read your name as "Pedro Watson." Guess I never payed attention to the way "Wastro" was spelled and just assumed it was "Watson."

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