Where is your nickname from?

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  1. So I tried searching the forum to see if this thread has been made before, but I couldn't find anything. I apologize if it does exist and I just couldn't find it.

    Simple question actually. Your nickname, where did you find the idea to use it and why?

    My favorite band of all time is Porcupine Tree. When I first started listening to them, that was the album In Absentia, there was this instrumental track of theirs called Wedding Nails that solidified my love for the band. The crushing riffs and lush and symphonic landscapes of the keyboards really sold me on the song. Not long after I got my first gmail account and I named it weddingnails82. Now when I joined this forum I wasn't sure what nickname I was gonna use. I have been registered at many forums, but it's been a long time since I actually interacted in them. The latest forums I was at I used the nickname Areola. I didn't know what it meant until several years later. But I was never thinking of using that. And suddenly I remembered this nickname and decided I had missed it and wanted to use it again. Also I guess I missed listening to Porcupine Tree, so if this was a ploy to make me listen to them again, then I welcome it. What about you?

    Here is the song btw:

  2. Good thread idea. And cool song!

    I used to have a Christian nickname on the Your Brain Rebalanced forums (Psalm 51:2 ("Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin")) but I didn't like to be judged by atheists solely based on my bible verse nickname. I believe in God and I think the Bible is an incredible life guide but I mostly want to keep my beliefs to myself (I used to be a hardcore atheist, until 23).

    So, when I joined the nofap forums, I wanted to find a nickname that was more neutral and which would motivates me to stay strong and honor my holding that nickname by having a kickass streak.

    I saw the word fortify somewhere and it reminded me of an MMORPG game I used to play (Lineage 2) for a long time. My favorite class of character was "Paladin" (human knight) which purpose was to "tank" to protect other team members by acting as a human shield and taking as many hits as possible from opponents.

    One of the paladin's skill was called "Fortitude". This is the icon of the skill [​IMG].

    "Optimum" comes from the protein powder brand "Optimum Nutrition". I've always found the name to be cool. I hesitated between Maximum Fortitude and Optimum Fortitude. Not sure if I made the right choice. But for me Optimum invokes a notion that this is just the right amount of fortitude that one needs to go through a reboot successfully. Maximum Fortitude invokes the idea that it can just be at a maximum for so long before your fortitude burns out.

    Edit: My picture is Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Just because he is THE ultimate badass (his boys call him "Big Boss", that says something!). And I am sure that this guy has a ton of more epic things to do than watch porn and jack off!
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  3. I made this account drunk and somehow I have this name
  4. @Optimum Fortitude: Great story about how you found your nickname. And glad you liked the song :). Hahaha yeah Big Boss probably does have other things to do besides watching porn.

    @zig: Nice one :)
  5. Mine's a little weird. ( This does not reflect fully on my personal views of the world. )

    My family typically does immense research in a lot of fields, especially on the spiritual side of things. One of these things is the chinese philosophy referred to as Taoism. I put my birthdate in there and it showed me that I had what would be called a Yang Water Day. And in Taoism, the Day column is referred to as the Self Element. The column that creates a big part of your personality.

    I turned that into Liquid Shoes. :p
  6. Nomar=no more. Kinda silly looking back but it's a good reminder to myself.
  7. Mine is kind of a portmanteau of sorts. Supernatural is one of my favorite shows, and I love Castiel. I also just love that name, but I wanted to do something more unique than just copying the name directly. My real name is Cassie, so that's where Cass comes from. And then Tea is good, and Elle is like a fashion magazine. CassTeaElle is kind of my go-to screen name for most things.

    Also, it helps me meet other Supernatural fans, which is always nice. We're like a big family. ^_^
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  8. Portmanteau might be slightly inaccurate, but it's fun to say and it's close enough.
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  10. Jesus performed seven signs leading up to his crucifixion, and among those seven signs one of them was bringing a dead man (named Lazarus) back to life. This paints a picture of how we are spiritually dead, but when we accept Jesus in our hearts we are born again and we are spiritually brought back to life. The path he was following during life was leading him to his death. Until he found Jesus which gave him a new life.. Which he now uses to glorify God.

    My last name Shuttlesworth is froma character in the movie "He Got Game". Who also was my favourite NBA player (now retired). Ray Allen. In the movie his name is Jesus Shuttesworth.

    Also, at the time this song was really stuck in my head. Pretty sure that played a part lol I love trip lee.
  11. For the longest time I thought your name was actually Lazarus. Lol that's a pretty dope name, I gotta say.
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    From One of my favorite rappers Andre 3000
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    You're in good company. Some of the most brilliant and influential Christians in the world used to be atheists.

    That's okay, none of us know what that means anyway. :p

    My name is pretty straightforward ... I was a fanatical Superman fan as a kid. I wore out our VHS tape of the 1979 movie with Christopher Reeve, and to this day, I get a swelling feeling in my chest when he catches Lois (and the helicopter) falling down the skyscraper. Also, the scene where Lois interviews Superman on her rooftop patio is my favorite film scene of all time--the sexual tension is thick, but innocent at the same time. They're like two teenagers realizing their mutual interest for the first time.

    After I became a Christian when I got older, I discovered a new appreciation for Superman when I learned that he had been conceived as a Christ-figure:
    • sent to earth by his father to "show them the way"
    • Jor-El and Kal-El ("El" is the Hebrew word for God ... father god / son god)
    • miraculous powers only used for good
    • takes on the persona of Superman at 30 years old (Jesus started his ministry at 30)
    • never lies
    • frequently goes to his "fortress of solitude" to speak to his father Jor-El ... Jesus frequently went away by himself to pray
    • raised by earthly parents Jonathan and Martha (who were named Joseph and Mary in the original comics)
    • Zod is a fallen Kryptonian who is banished to the phantom zone by Jor-El, and who makes it his mission to destroy Superman, Jor-El's heir ... a direct allegory to Lucifer, the fallen angel banished to hell by God, who attempts to destroy Christ, the son of God.
    • Krypton is Greek for "hidden." Matthew 13:44 says that "the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field". Kal-El was discovered in a field.
    As you can see, I'm kind of a nerd about this stuff.
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    Pluto - as in my favorite planet (but not my favorite cartoon character - that would be Jimmy from South Park).

    Ni - in honor of the knights who say "Ni!" in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    Um - coz I ran out of inspiration...
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    I'm trying to motivate people as much as possible.
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    Good song.

    My username is a song by Sixx:A.M., a band created to detail Nikki Sixx’s struggles with addiction.
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    I've used this name for a few years. I study statistics in school, and I was always saved by the Satterthwaite approach to obtaining test statistics (the maximum likelihood estimation with robust standard errors and a mean), which in R, is coded as MLMVS. Then I just added an extra S to make it neater.

    I like to tell people it's a play on my first name, but that's not exactly true. Sorry, no interesting story. :p
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  18. I'm part Native American so this is the name I was given by the chief of my tribe.
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    My nickname is my real name only shorter
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  20. Many cool and good reasons here. So glad I decided to post this thread, a chance to get to know member of this forum. I see now that my profile picture doesn't match my nick, but that's okay. I've been using Boromir memes lately to congratulate people on Facebook. So that's why I used that one.

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