why cant i go longer than 10 days?!?!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Unworthy_cuber, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. Unworthy_cuber

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    so i relapsed yesterday, and after whining about it, i had a thought about other fapstronauts, like how long or how many streaks(roughly) would it take me to reach 30 days?!
    what should i do to last longer, i workout a bit, meditate for 10 minutes (not regularly), any advice?
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  2. flor3334

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    You have to say NO to every form of lust...

    Ok, although that is truth and if you manage to do that you have won this, I realize it to be crappy advice. So how long will it take you to reach 30 days? The answer is...…...who knows? There are some people, I think less then 1%, who reach it the first time, others reach it in 10 times, others in 50 times and others never.
    What you CAN do is for example watching YT-videos of people who had longer streaks and taking advice from them. Implementing good habits helped me a lot and cold showers will for sure take the urge away. But hey, I am on day 1 and also did not manage to reach 30 days, but I did almost. So the struggle continues.
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  3. Awedouble

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    Why would anyone last more than a day if the stuff they do isn't regular?

    The fact that you can last 10 days with just sort of a little bit of exercise and meditation shows there's some will power, but there's no reason to think it's because of the practices if those are not done consistently. And of course willpower alone doesn't work in the long run.

    On the most basic level if you have one successful day, you can try doing the same things and see if it gets the same results. If you can repeat it and keep getting results then there you go, or if you get SOME results you might tweak that a bit, doesn't mean it's just about "more" but we can't just half ass it.
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  4. xXsinnerXx

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  5. Light_inDarktimes

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    Hi im in the same boat. My longest is only 13 days :(
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  6. Mitsuro

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    That’s usally the time I break too. 7-10 days. I did get to 29 days twice. That has been over about a 5 year period, I can’t tell you how many attempts it was, but quite a few. A lot of them were not real attempts, I had good intention but would go back after a day or two. Like I said when ever I really tried it would be in the 7-10 days.

    I’m really hoping that this is my time, the question I’m asking myself is...when is enough enough. Have I looked at enough porn? Have I spent enough time with my dick in my hand. The answer is yes to all, more than enough for a few lifetimes. I know that I have it in me to conquer this, I have got that power lurking in here somewhere under all my bs.
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  7. Sleeperhead

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    You’re barking up the wrong tree.

    You think you just need to batten down the hatches on your sexual urges.

    This will lead to an inevitable relapse, or flatline ie loss of libido.

    You need to condition yourself to live without porn.
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  8. ooo123

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    Let me help you :)

    - Maybe because you are trying to do it alone ? did you think before if you have a friend who you can give him feedback or talk to him when you feel urges, maybe it will boost you.

    - all people around you think that fap is normal thing and you think that you are the only one in the world see that is the most harmful thing in the world and think thats impossible to not masturbate and live a normal live because you don't know a guy who could do it and be away from pmo.

    - you didn't think what is the real harmful that will appear in your next 2-3 years if you didn't stop.

    Let me talk about my personal experience till now. before knowing nofap I was fapping every 2-3 days I couldnt make it more than 5 days :(
    but what is really changed is I found alot of amazing guys who is +90 days !!! WOW it was amazing for me, I read what they feel right now and how this progress is worth it.

    So I always say if someone could make something you can do it also, So I stick in this community with this amazing people who is trying to be the best version of their self and I read their journals, react on their profile posts and try to encourage them.
    the best part is they also make the same for me which make me feel that I don't want to relapse so my friends who is following me and giving me support not be disappointed to see me fail.

    That was my experience I hope it will help you with anything.
    best of luck mate :)
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  9. ooo123

    ooo123 Fapstronaut

    by the way this is the biggest comment I have ever made :D :)
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  10. RememberTheCant

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    Understanding a bit about hormones has helped me.

    "If a man holds ejaculation for a long period of time, say a week or two, a large percentage of his sperm will be dead or decaying" (from ovulationcalculator website)

    The body attempts to purge these old cells by encouraging ejaculation, through increasing hormone levels (which increase the urge to M or chance of nocturnal emissions). The first period of PMO i went through (~3 months), I had nocturnal emissions regularly, every 8-12 days.

    Also, men have a daily hormone cycle, starting with high testosterone (sex drive) levels in the morning and declining throughout the day. In addition, "Research shows that a man’s testosterone spikes when he drinks alcohol or caffeine, watches an action movie, looks at a person he finds sexually attractive (either in real life or simply an image), plays video games or competes in or anticipates a sports game" (from myhormonology website). So try to be mindful when these things come up.

    Since you are 16, your hormones should be pretty wild for a few years yet. Have patience with yourself.
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  11. randomname3

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    The most important part of getting to that first 30 day milestone is triggers. You'll be able to get over that 30 hump by practicing constantly vigilance. The exact second youbfeel yourself start to get aroused, you will train yourself to pull away as fast as possible. That means looking instantly away from any triggering material, even switching off the game/video/etc. with the triggering material.

    Next, you'll come to realize a relapse doesn't just happen in a couple minutes. Almost always what really happens is that you plan out and grant approval of the relapse hours or even a few days beforehand. Do not allow yourself to make that plan, but treat those internal urges as every bit as dangerous as the triggering material.

    There's no better way to train your brain on this stuff than to do it. Generally that should get you to your first 30 days clean, and it starts to get easier once you achieve that first milestone.

    You got this brother!
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