Why you should eat healthy when you are young

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    Yes, and I have actually enjoyed it since the normal weather is quite chilly, plus the harvest-season in the fall gets prolonged. It was warm during the Viking-age 1000 years ago too and not only in Scandinavia but all of Europe and Greenland (it was actually green during that time, thereof the name).
    Grapes could be cultivated in Northern England at the time and that warm climate occurred without a single combustion engine on the planet. Some warmer climate musth have melted the ice during the last ice-age too which means the climate goes in cycles, no matter what humans or other animals are doing.
    The climate-change hysteria is a cult, just like veganism.
    Those climate-activists make up a doomsday sect that have told us for the past 50-60 years that the world will end in a decade and they still continue doing so. All of those ridiculous and counter-productive policies they have imposed on Western nations (with CO2-taxes, fees, regulations and expenses everywhere) have done nothing but crippled our economies and made people poorer while countries like China and India haven't, and hence they are dominating us economically.

    Well, they promote malnutrition and starvation through their diets and want to impose those on others who don't want to. No vegan B-12 supplements can be effective since B-12 is an animal vitamin (that comes from animal-products only) and recreating it artificially can never have the same benefits as the original source, which is a peace of grass-fed meat.
    Also, what kind of lifestyle is it to depend on a bunch of supplements every day instead of eating nutrient-dense foods? I want to eat real healthy, nutritious and tasty foods rather than a dozen synthetic supplements every day.

    That iron is essentially useless and have a very low bioavailability since it's not heme-iron. It's like picking up a rock and try to take a bite of it thinking you will get enough minerals from eating that rock.
    And yes, those leafy greens are far from healthy due to high levels of anti-nutrients, especially oxalates and goitrogens. Oxalates can form crystal-complexes with the minerals in your tissues (especially calcium), giving you kidney-stones and brittle bones in the long run. Unless you consume them in moderation, together with some animal fat of course. Kidney-stones are a real (and horrendous) thing, especially amongst vegans eating a lot of kale and spinach.

    He might not be the best example but at least he is mostly right when pointing out all anti-nutrients that vegans eat on a daily basis. At least, he is a better example than VeganGains and Joey Carbstrong (who have been charged with several violent crimes), where the latter seems psychotic and gets to sit in morning-studios as well, promoting malnutrition to the people. Sv3rige does at least not push his diet onto others but let them come to that conclusion themselves while guys like VG and JC essentially want to ban animal-products, hence limiting peoples' free choices.
    Luckily, they seem to scare too many viewers away from ever entering veganism in the first place.

    I can agree on that but nevertheless, no parents should feed their kids plant-based foods only. They should give kids what they need during their growing years, for which a plant-based diet is insufficient, hence the horrible deficiencies in kids who are fed it by their parents.

    You can't absorb much vitamin-D from the sun unless you have enough cholesterol in your body that can convert the sunlight into vitamin-D. You also need sufficient cholesterol-levels for the synthesis of hormones which partially explains the androgynous features that many long-term vegans have. Another might be due to a high intake of goitrogens in the diet that directly affects the thyroid's function:

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    Well, if northern scandinavia was that warm, they surely had no problems with growing plant foods which goes against your arguments that scandinavians were mostly meat eaters.

    Climate change is mostly measured by temperature at the poles. The poles are warming at a rate unseen before in human history. Ice doesn't form that fast and each year the poles are getting smaller. Nothing comparable happened during the last few thousand years. Climate activists have been basically right about climate change except for the fact that they tended to overestimate when changes would occur.

    a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

    This is the definition of a cult. Neither Veganism nor Climate activism fits this description. So please, stop your empty criticisms.

    Vegans have to take exactly one supplement: B12, which, by the way, is not an animal nutrient, but made by bacteria. These bacteria occur in nature everywhere and we simply don't get them due to sanitation. Also, there are plant foods that can contain B12 such as Algea, yeast, or Sauerkraut.

    Nothing to be seen of dozens of different supplements.

    Vitamin D is a problem for the general population not just Vegans.

    Any data to back up your claims?

    It is getting obvious that you are quite close minded, I've sent you study after study refuting your ridiculous claims yet you still propagate them.

    Ah, and also Heme-iron is a pro-oxident that correlates with cancer risk.


    Nothing really said here except for more attacks on vegans rather than the concept of Veganism itself. Also, still no data to back up your ridiculous claims.

    Tell me what lacks in a WFPB diet except for B12 which can be easily and cheaply supplemented?

    Both links are just useless online blogs. I will stop repeating myself now, it's no use if you can't actually come up with any valid data aside from food blogs.

    The androgynous features argument is just funny, I won't even address it.

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