Your Progress Is My Progress Is Our Progress: Understanding The Underlying Causes Of Addictions

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  1. Knowing what keeps you chained is crucial to being free. If you don't know HOW AND WHY you remain bound to your issues, you cannot overcome them.

    No longer watching porn is a conscious, deliberate, irreversible choice for many people. For many it's not so simple, and there is great pain and strife involved in the process. This strife comes from psychological trauma and a lack of understanding of one's own mind and issues in life. It takes time to heal and gain understanding. Gentleness and kindness I have for those of you like this who are also against porn.

    Pornography is inherently dehumanizing (& demonizing I suppose) and degrades the viewer and those involved in the production of it.

    This is not a discussion thread by any means. Not my intention I mean, all threads are open to discussion, but this a 'war time battering ram' type of thread which probably sounds incredibly abstract or downright silly to you, but hey a good smile or chuckle never hurt one's recovery, eh?
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  2. This is also a thread of where I log my own understandings surrounding my issues. All addictions are the same really, I mean they may alter the brain differently but that's not the underlying cause, the physical effects are not what cause any real addiction. Science and research will be shared in depth here. It will be shared on top of the battering ram of the truth about porn that is being rammed down this thread from top to bottom until the last post.
  3. Ok I think we'll alternate the batterings with knowledge that will help us all break any and every possible addiction in our lives. Focusing on one is only treating the symptom and not the cause if you have multiple addictions.

    If you can't manage your emotions, recovery will be damn near impossible.

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  4. [​IMG]

    Be back later, time to go do practices that happen to have a side benefit of granting superior emotional control. Think meditation.

  5. I think it's pretty obvious what 'War' I'm referring to here. Yes I have a war going on inside me as some of you may, it hurts emotionally not being sure if we are going to be clean tomorrow or the next day. That hurts. It doesn't mean you can't simultaneously be 100% against porn inside of you. Fighting against it can even speed up your recovery as countless figures in the media have PUBLICLY attested to.

    Look at this guy on a YouTube channel called Secular Talk. I'm sharing it now so as to prevent an argument with someone coming in here trying to debate on why porn is OK. Anyone doing that will just be ignored as the battering ram continues down the warpath.

    Everything that is just not the truth that this ignorant secular fuckhead (being secular doesn't inherently make him a porn supporting fucktard) talked about will be ripped to shreds by the time this battering ram stops.
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  6. When it comes to dehumanization there is no such thing as freedom of expression on my watch.
  7. Luciferian and Satanic cults are very real. They would beg to argue that even the most degrading forms of porn should be protected by the 1st amendent (the government can burn for all I care so long as humanity could all get along just dandy) and are a perfectly acceptable and 'tantalizingly creative' form of 'art'.

    Some people who don't identify with any such cults may still agree with this, albeit in a half assed 'secular' manner.
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    I love how this guy equates porn with procreation lol. Calls porn the most human and natural thing. Fucking idiot.
  9. So sad. So sad our world has wars of all kinds going on. May we all heal, if that is what you seek. I know that's why I came to this forum, this addiction is terrible man, I need to heal. But I also need to fight.


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  10. What did someone who argued that people should be able to have 'freedom of expression' say one time, oh ya he supported porn for that reason, supported it in the sense that it is acceptable in the media but he just didn't want to watch it himself anymore. Even if degradation, dehumanization, and taking away someone else's innate human dignity which is their natural birthright of true freedom in this world goes on daily in the porn industry (against people's wills many times, and let's be honest here only sex addicts or psychologically or financially damaged people would ever think of doing porn and sometimes they think it's modelling but end up being coerced into sex acts on camera, every single day it is happening to young girls turning 18 who move out to California and fall into the fake modelling snare laid forth by the porn industry) it is perfectly acceptable so long as you turn and look the other way. That's the logic of this argument.

    I got a response to someone who thinks like that. Well I got pages upon pages of facts, statistics, peer reviewed research and all kinds of other goodies if you are bold enough to argue with the FURY BRINGER.

    Some people choose not to sit back while their fellow human beings are being used up inside and out like objects against their wills.

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  11. I'm not an angry person. But I am not here to play games or waste time arguing. If you choose to, I have nothing but wrath for you. Wrath based upon truth and facts.

    I should sign up for the NoFap newsletter I need to study right now to keep the bad thoughts away. This video should help too,

  12. Fear, powerlessness, helplessness. These are some of the underlying feelings that drive me into addictive/compulsive behaviors. Also lack of willpower and discipline when I'm not feeling those things.

    I by no means was always a heavy porn user, I preferred softcore myself but that is just as devastating in terms of strengthening your 'inner voyeur', the objectifier inside you who just stares at the outside of a person without paying attention to the person themself inside.

    Very nice video I found earlier:

  13. Wow I'm fumbling with my thoughts I need to slow down posting. See you tomorrow.
  14. Lol I love the artwork in the Getting Started with NoFap! pdf. Now boarding? Well don't mind if I climb aboard.

  15. [​IMG]

    Ya we're gonna be all over the place in this thread War is not a prettily painted picture. It's downright brutal.

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    Welcome to the site. You have a lot of energy and a warrior's attitude. If you apply those traits to reboot you will do very well. Best of luck!
  17. Two problems right away with the NoFap pdf. Abstinence and quitting 'sustainably'. That implies future use. Relapse is not uncommon and even expected in addiction recovery, but ya this sets bells off inside me based upon the years and years of interaction I have had with addiction experts.

    The Fortify Program by FTND uses this 'sustainable recovery' term too. I suppose if you relate it to sustainable farming it kind of makes sense, we're going to stumble and fall along the way.

    Let me share the definitions of abstinence and recovery from Merriam-Webster:

    noun ab·sti·nence \ˈab-stə-nən(t)s\
    Medical Definition of abstinence
    1. : the act or practice of abstaining especially from engagement in sexual intercourse or consumption of intoxicating beverages
    Ok I can understand how abstaining temporarily could lead one to the point of return, i.e. chains of addiction broken and one does not become chained again.

    noun re·cov·ery \ri-ˈkə-və-rē, -ˈkəv-rē\
    • : the act or process of becoming healthy after an illness or injury : the act or process of recovering

    • : the act or process of returning to a normal state after a period of difficulty

    • : the return of something that has been lost, stolen, etc.
    I'm going to be breaking every newsletter from NoFap down along with the Foritfy blog in this thread. Comparing their words and ideas to words and ideas of leading therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and neurologists from around the world who specialize in addictions.
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  18. Thanks. Are you Buddhist by any chance? The mudra in your avatar made me ask. Nice words in your signature :)

    Edit: or Hindu?
  19. abstain
    verb ab·stain \əb-ˈstān, ab-\
    Definition of abstain
    1. intransitive verb
    2. 1: to choose not to do or have something : to refrain deliberately and often with an effort of self-denial from an action or practice <abstain from drinking>

    3. 2: to choose not to vote <Ten members voted for the proposal, six members voted against it, and two abstained.>
    Ok, some people view this as a 'denial' of pleasure perhaps. I get it.

    verb re·cov·er \ri-ˈkə-vər\

    Definition of recover

    transitive verb
    • 1: to get back : regain
    • 2a : to bring back to normal position or condition <stumbled, then recovered himself>b archaic : rescue
    • 3a : to make up for <recover increased costs through higher prices>b : to gain by legal process
    • 4archaic : reach
    • 5: to find or identify again <recover a comet>
    • 6a : to obtain from an ore, a waste product, or a by-productb : to save from loss and restore to usefulness : reclaim
    • intransitive verb
    • 1: to regain a normal position or condition (as of health) <recovering from a cold>
    • 2: to obtain a final legal judgment in one's favor
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  20. Alright just had to clarify this as I'm studying the first pdf download.
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