100 Days Without P or M - The Ultra Marathon (Started on May 15, 2020)

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Jefe Rojo, May 7, 2020.

  1. Nikhil001o

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    On to day 26,
    I’m screwed up brothers! Nothing is exciting me(music,video game,workout) & I’m not even getting what to write here in this moment.
    Anyway, Take care everyone.
    I’ll keep posting my thoughts.
  2. I am having a deja vu moment reading this post @Jefe Rojo :)
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  3. Thirteen years ago when I discovered Masturbation, it was exciting. After that I read about its ill effects here and there, during the next few years. But still continued to feed this addiction.

    And now I regret every moment wasted on it. Actually a whole decade is lost. I would have been stronger physically, mentally and other -ally.

    Good thing is I am still alive and there is still hope :)

    Ending this with the quote -

    "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."
    -Martin Luther King, Jr.
  4. No bargain my friend. "No means no". Don't trust your mind, when it says, you would just take a quick look. Pretty simple, the addictive action to look for updated videos, is the thing to fight against. So don't think about opening the site period. ;)
  5. I read some initial chapters from Soaring Eagle, it was great, lot of things to learn. Thanks for reminding @sonic123rainbow .
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  6. I came across this YouTube video which is definitely a worth watch:

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  7. Happy to help, it helped me too. I didn't read it all literally, but still helped alot.
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    9 years NoFap or sex, that's impressive. It's really strong, he doesn't has the need to have an orgasm and is happy and content anyways.

    I'm still doing fine without P and M, but I have to add it's always easier for me when my wife and I have sex often enough, which is the case right now.
  9. That's a great step you took, deleting the private stash. It is a great step in the direction to not objectify women. Keep up the good work @BrohkenCompass !
  10. This has been the driving thought behind some of my good streaks :) For example, having the thought of meeting my parents in next couple of months and looking healthy and well in front of them.
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  11. That's the high we need, without any external agent if possible ;)
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  12. Most of my days had been like this, for past so many years.
    But remember to Choose The Right as @Jefe Rojo's profile picture says :) . Make right decisions, small baby steps and it would definitely add up to something good and big!

    Most important, hang in there! Things will change, and I am hopeful for a better future for all of us in this fight against PMO addiction. :)
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  13. *****************
    DAY 17
    Checking in. Happy Sunday everyone!
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  14. These words made me laugh like hell :D . No offense to you @kkn93hc7.
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  15. Hey @Jefe Rojo , Congratulations on hitting 30!! Keep moving!
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  16. Stoppmo0528

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    I starttt nowwwwww!!!! Day one please like this comment and help me, 20 years old, like this! 31/5/2020!!
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  17. Thanks! One day at a time! :)
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  18. Welcome to NoFap! I’m sure you’ll do great. This challenge started on May 15th and you must have at least 16 days on your counter to join retroactively. You are welcome to follow us without joining or you can find another challenge. There are several to choose from. I wish you the best on your journey and congrats on 12 days!
  19. Stoppmo0528

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    I’m on day one I didn’t updated hah..
    I’m in army 14 days and then return home for 3 days.
    Every time I back i Pmo like 3,4 times.
    So I had streak of 11, 4 times in a row now!
    My first one was 40..
    I want to bit that again!
    Just when I come home after the army I suddenly jerk off 4/3 times for hours without really want!
    Like 2 and 1 days ago when I was home!
    Now I’m on my way to my base, for 14 days again and I don’t want to realpse again—! Before I go!
  20. Sixteen days under the belt now. Glad to be still in the race.

    Getting morning woods since past few days, which makes me feel alive ;)

    I have decided to wake up and go to bed early and have my meals on time. And, I am going good with this for past few days. This was one of the reasons I couldn't check-in. By the time I would finish the household chores, it would be time to go to bed. :)

    Finally I am all caught up with the Challenge thread today. :)
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