2 YEARS of Nofap...Let's talk about my journey!(Part 2)

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    Good day brothers!

    Below is translated from China's Jiese forums, enjoy!

    May 5 2016 streak broken on day 86

    This time I made a common mistake among brothers. Which is gaming addiction, at the time I was addicted to league of legends. This crippled me for several years. From age 11 to 15, I lived a gloomy time of my life; I played video games everyday. I often play from sunrise to sunset. I also argued with my parents a lot, then relapsed soon after. I would argue with my mom after I lose a game of league of legends; unable to control my own emotions, shortly after I go to my room and break the reboot, then there follows a period regret and self-criticism. I can't believe that I let myself relapse after 80 days by playing stupid video games, I'm deeply sorry that I let my parents down in the meantime.
    Analysis: I always knew that video games were no good for me. Since it caused me tremendous harm to my mind and body. Some people may say; "What's wrong with playing a bit just for fun?" But let me ask you this: Can't you feel yourself mentally and physically drained after a gaming session? Can't you feel your brain turning into mush and your motivation gone? I'm mainly talking about AAA games and massively multiplayer games and such. I like those simple brain teaser games. However, most games these days are massively multiplayer, after one lose one will feel irritated. Often time a relapse will soon follow due to the depressed/irritated/bored/empty feeling. In conclusion, one can save oneself many relapses if one quits playing video games!

    I also want to warn everyone about watching viral videos/browsing popular content. The internet will often do more harm than good. Most of them things people follow are random and brainless, often having no core values. This is called the overload of piece-wise information. Sometimes one may feel that we learned a lot from browsing the internet, but if one think about it, one will realize one did not learn anything. Moreover, there are tons of filth floating around; suggestive content will often cause a relapse if one does not maintain vigilance and immediately cut off sexual tantalization immediately

    Think about it everyone, if we use our time on the internet to focus our attention on a useful skill, it would be so much better than having all your time sucked in the viral vortex of social media!

    In a nutshell, one should cut down the time in front of the screen. Although the viral mediocrity/stupidity is entertaining at times, using one's time more wisely for self development will bring much more value to one's life and well being.

    I hope everyone found this helpful!

    Here is the link for the first part: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.p...fap-lets-talk-about-my-journey-part-1.197964/
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    2016 August Streak broken after 118 Days

    This time I woke up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep. The desire was too strong, the attack was too intense. I was tossing and turning for an hour, then I started going on my phone...BIG MISTAKE. I ran into suggestive and arousing content, then broke the reboot. This time I was completely controlled by the temptation demon, I was simply slaughtered without a fight.
    Analysis: I looked at many similar cases from brothers this past year, they all broke the reboot. One time a fellow brother broke his 400 day reboot like this. To further analyze this; we are not fully conscious when we wake up in the middle of the night like that. Moreover, we didn't maintain a high level of vigilance, nor did we have encountered this type of temptation therefore many brothers broke their reboot like this. I just want to write this so more people become aware of this phenomenon.
    Another time I ran into the same situation again, that was when I had the urge in the middle of the night. This time, I went on Jiese forum and helped several brothers, then listened to Buddhist music and went to sleep.
    I also want to point out that many online games, anime, manga and audio stories are filled with suggestive content. They addictive and can easily arouse one's desires. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to stay away from those.
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