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  1. ooo123

    ooo123 Fapstronaut

    Keep going mate, dont worry your all progress is not gone away, you will see that in second time urges are weaker and you stronger
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  2. ooo123

    ooo123 Fapstronaut

    I was thinking about joining this challenge when I done 21 challenge
    But I am too close to finish it so I decided to join you guys here and we can motivaite each other
    Best of luck for every one

  3. Submariner

    Submariner Fapstronaut

    Yes! I’m moving forward. Thank you for the kind words. For me, it’s not about the days but the progress.

    Best of luck man. I believe in you :)
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  4. gwyker

    gwyker Fapstronaut

  5. Various_Ease

    Various_Ease Fapstronaut

    Day 25 completed. Making progress everyday to reach the 30 day milestone.
  6. bigly

    bigly Fapstronaut

  7. Force Majeure

    Force Majeure Fapstronaut

  8. goku728zyzz

    goku728zyzz Fapstronaut

    All of it, back to square one..(Relapsed)
    My mind was so stuck on porn for the high it wanted that for the whole week my life felt so... dull, boring.
    And ofcourse my biggest trigger of staying up late night cost me heavily.

    I am not gonna give up on a porn free life, starting again at Day 0.

    Q.) Also do you guys have some tips on how to deal with first week boredom of nofap?
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  9. Recreatio

    Recreatio Fapstronaut

    Don't worry bro, this happens.. it's part of the process. I know this feeling you described and it's often actually not that easy to overcome first week boredom of nofap. The most important thing is that you refocus now and don't fall back into old patterns. There are many different ways to avoid this boredom, so I'll just give you some ways which turned out to be most effective for me:
    (1) distraction: no matter how this may look like. Meeting friends online (because physical contact is probably not possible due to the current situation), going for a walk or riding your bike.
    (2) work out: Working out is one of the most effective ways to release excessive energy.
    (3) start to develop new routines: If necessary and if you need to change your life for the better in some respects, think about possible routines that could help you (e.g. turn of all electronic devices two hours before going to bed --> it will signal you, no phone --> no P).

    These are just three proposals that turned out to be very effective for me. I hope they can help you as well. Stay strong and keep fighting bro!
  10. Submariner

    Submariner Fapstronaut

  11. NewHOPE21

    NewHOPE21 Fapstronaut

    This Are Withdrawal Symptoms Happens With Everyone. Develop New Habits. Start New Routine.
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  12. NewHOPE21

    NewHOPE21 Fapstronaut

  13. goku728zyzz

    goku728zyzz Fapstronaut

    Thanks brother for the tips, will definitely follow them.
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  14. Recreatio

    Recreatio Fapstronaut

  15. the_wizard

    the_wizard Fapstronaut

    I feel like thinking too much of how not to relapse makes you get the urges inside your head. So living the moment is important and don't be afraid of relapsing. I feel that helped me a lot, so I hope it does the same for you. Good luck. I would encourage you, that if you feel the 30 days are too much at first, I would recommend starting small then progress from there. I started with 7 days, then 14 and now the 30 days. And in each I reset from 0, but my personal counter doesn't get reset and I don't relapse in between. Goodluck.
  16. the_wizard

    the_wizard Fapstronaut

  17. Victorious Soldier

    Victorious Soldier Fapstronaut

    I'm on day 9 personally but I'm joining this challenge, adding 30 days to my current streak wouldnt be too much would it , it's on bros
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  18. Ceekay

    Ceekay Fapstronaut

    Sometimes life issues makes you frown on porn. Please get involved making the best of life. Cos your comfort zone would always attract unexpected penalties that could affect an aspect of you.

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