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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by artifact, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. mrguy

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    Had two dates. Have plans for a second date. NoFap/No PMO going strong. Healthy eating, healthy exercise. Talking with real women beats the digital experience. If one can make talking with women better than PMO then NoFap is a breeze.
  2. Jerky

    Jerky Fapstronaut

    Counting days but not even mindful of that. My last reset was stress based relief or so i thought.

    It always fails and falls short of what i imagine it to be, which is really nothing at all except a reset of my daycount, that leaves me feeling more stressful then before i gave in and always wanting more than i can get.

    Reproduction is the goal and lust is the tool of trickery that gets us to reproduce unwillingly most times, but that's the way of things.

    Since i have no reproductive goals, celibacy is easy it seems. Abstinence however is not, since lust is still present, in case i decide to change my mind and start a family.

    I pray for peace today.
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  3. GottaBFree

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    Walked through the grocery store to pickup some diapers... starving. I'm probably overdoing the diet a little. I'll look into it and it's not the nofap related part.

    Last trip through the store I looked at all the food longingly. Tonight I knew I might break down so I looked down the middle of the aisles and didn't look at any food. I'm finding the journey to reclaim a healthy lifestyle has many parallels. Eating poorly was similar in nature to the NOFAP thing for me. Lots of the lessons from NOFAP apply directly.

    And on the flip side the diet is helping me understand my PM addiction. I don't want to be overweight but I don't want to change. It takes a belief that I can be at my ideal weight in a few months to suffer today. I need more of that belief in the PM battle too.

    Sorry won't cross post it here many more times but it makes sense to me. I can waste my whole life saying "I'll start again tommorow" or I can do it now.
  4. Great post and congrats on your 30 days today!
  5. Nash78

    Nash78 Fapstronaut

    Thanks, pal!
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  6. Pirate3819

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    Checking in for the first time in 2021. I hope everyone had a great Holiday.
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  7. David2018

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    I'd love to find something that so quickly takes me away from stress. If I ever end up wasting a few hours watching tv or playing a video game, I'm happy about it. I think at least I wasted time doing something I would want to do.
  8. Jerky

    Jerky Fapstronaut

    The worst for me was when i was down and gave in because i figured oh well what the F, it can't get any worse and it always does. It get's about as bad as a feeling i get after i give in, on top of all the other stress so yeah. It gets that much worse. For me, that's the worst it can get.
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  9. I'm back and checking in with you all. I have been pretty poor recently on the Nofap front and lots of relapses and then the usual self loathing that comes with it. So I am going to make a real effort again here and keep posting in here to help me get to my goals...initially I would like to get to 10 days then 20 and onwards. It's SO damn easy to fall back into the same pattern when stress hits and I need this site to keep me motivated. Thanks
  10. Merry Terry

    Merry Terry Fapstronaut

    Hey guys, I had to reset my counter 2 days ago. After reaching 97 days of not touching myself to P, I lost it and spend some hours edging to some P on Monday. I had turned off my site blocker, because I want to teach myself to live with the idea that I can go to any site I want, but that I simply do not want to go to certain sites anymore. However, I had done this foolishly without preparing myself for it properly with a plan, so it lead me down the rabbit hole.

    Now my goal is to not look at any sexy content for 30 days - and then continue afterwards, but just to set a first goal. I'm gonna do that by using the technique of setting short-term intentions: whenever I sit down behind the computer, I tell myself 'I'm gonna do this and this and nothing else for x amount of time' and set a counter and then teach myself to stick to whatever goal I have set and not stray from it.

    Also, during these 30 days, if occasionally I want to M, I will M, but I cannot do it while watching any content or indulging in fantasies that are based on P from the past.
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  11. raf-is-good

    raf-is-good Fapstronaut

    Well Merry Terry my heart goes out for you, but I wonder about your understanding of this group goal with your posts?

    This group states: You must also have no PM or no PMO set as your goal

    When you reached your 80.. 90.. day goals I remember you writing that you were watching P subs (maaaaaaaaaaaan... does this not mean you broken the strike?)

    Now you write I am only no P, well again (does this not mean you are not putting a PM or PMO goal in this group)?

    I hope you get my point.. even your 97 number was just not accurate, you are not taking this completely as intended..
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  12. raf-is-good

    raf-is-good Fapstronaut

    @artifact please correct me if I am wrong, can we join here with only (No Porn) and make it to the list?
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  13. Jerky

    Jerky Fapstronaut

    Staying on the spiritual path is vital to my abstinence. I begin each day re-establishing my spiritual connection, this way i'm not taking it for granted and gaining strength as the days progress.

    Really i'm just fed up with all the justifying my giving in and feeling like crap about it. I need to remain spiritually connected to remain abstinent. Willpower is absolutely useless. I must rely on a Power greater than myself.
  14. David2018

    David2018 Fapstronaut

    I'm so tempted to go to an online chat site. I think after 24 hours my brain just wants it again. But I'm really thinking about it and that I know I will regret. Avoiding it for now.
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  15. Timber

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    I am kinda thankful that he has been very open about his experiments with PMO. I suspect the purpose for most/all of us is to be free from P addiction. M is often a huge contributing factor, so people choose to be abstinent but I am not sure if this is the end goal for majority.

    I think the end goal here is to support each other on the path to freedom from P. As for P subs, man they are everywhere...

    Artifact of course will lay down the law - it’s his group

    I don’t want to trigger anyone.
  16. JJ_Kino

    JJ_Kino Fapstronaut

    Early morning Friday Check in.

    Feeling okay, urges have been mild so far, Its been so long since I've got into double figures that I've forgotten then urge patterns.

    Just need to ride it out best I can.

    Have a great weekend all.
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  17. sjindjin

    sjindjin Fapstronaut

    Totally agreed, let's be supportive and let everyone define their own goals, no need to police here. Good luck!
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  18. raf-is-good

    raf-is-good Fapstronaut

    I 1000% agree with you, even I have 21 days in a row then do some M, then start again and so on.

    I was sincerely pointing out to Terry where he had gone amiss, and maybe I thought he didn't get the NoFap point of this particular group (which I see really helps everyone).

    Thanks for your kind input, which I again, fully agree with :)
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  19. raf-is-good

    raf-is-good Fapstronaut

    I was really supportive, and no need for you to go blaming and shaming too ha haaa!
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  20. Glad to hear you are back on track.
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