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  1. Puretim

    Puretim Fapstronaut

    Another day. One day at a time.
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  2. Handymanji

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  3. Caleb 2020

    Caleb 2020 Fapstronaut

    202 days
    90 + 30 + 82 days
    Guys be watchful about your thoughts and feelings and longings.

    The conditioned body don't give the right one.

    It can not see the world in its reality ,it sees the world base on how you have trained it.

    Still at this point my body is triggered to some women at street with special shape

    I went out yesterday and I was going to the supermarket, I freed my body to do automatically and subconsciously .
    then one woman looked at me with her feminine secretive glance and smile , I was in my best mood of being relax and balanced body at that point that I suddenly looked at her .after that I looked at her shape again , she seemed attractive to me and her shape sticked to my mind for a minutes ,I intently tried to use 3 seconds rule, after that I managed to shift my focus to somewhere else.managed to forgot it.
    But then after 10 minutes it came back to my mind and in that night I had a wet dream.
    I pondered about this fact.why this happened.
    Wrote about the causes.

    She seemed attractive to me and her shape grabed my attention
    my body was wishing to continue to watch her shape
    That was happened not because she should push my body to feel in that way but because I have conditioned my body to feel and see in that way and to br triggered.,
    in fact my body has conditioned to feel and see in that way.
    that in reality ,she is not the way I saw her she is just one another being with special characteristics and another being that has the capability to give birth by her related organs.

    The healthy and well trained body which has not conditioned to be triggered by watching women's shape ,don't see this woman the way saw her and don't get the feeling in his body like mine and also his mind don't get stuck by her shape(she actually was tall and had a feminine body) , the healthy body don't get a sense of pleasure by seeing her and or wishing to continue to watch her shape .
    The healthy body see individuals base on their characters and intentions and also personalities and their potentials.
    The healthy person and healthy body don't get affected by seeing ,don't become unstable in terms of body and mind by seeing even the most sexiest one,like sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, even in her naked way.
    And the healthy body has a big worldview that don't get affected by seeing women.
    His tone of voice, his heart beat and his pattern of breathing don't get affected by seeing woman's shape.
    He continue to do his job and work which has well planed and purposeful ,he do so in any circumstances with the body that is stable and has a high performance qualities even in front of thousands of different kind of people.
    His quality of performance in every regard don't affected ,he just reflect the quality that he trained his body in mental or physical performance.

    This is the body that is healthy and well trained

    And I think this is the qualities that we need to reach to this point.

    My conclusions:
    My body see and view that woman in that way because it has conditioned to do so which is not correct.
    We should correct our world view and train our body to do and feel correctly.

    God bless you guys.
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  4. The_Fisher

    The_Fisher Fapstronaut

    132 days completed.
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  5. LanciaDelta

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  6. Honeyp1234567

    Honeyp1234567 Fapstronaut

    One more day passes #31
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  7. scobiscuit

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  8. Captain Anurag

    Captain Anurag Fapstronaut

  9. happysloth

    happysloth Fapstronaut

    Hey! Don't worry too much about it. Your mammalian brain is still functional and wants to propagate genes to ensure survival. It's biology in my opinion. It simply means you are human. Continue to maintain utmost vigilance as usual brother!
  10. chiyu

    chiyu Fapstronaut

    Day 3, almost slipped last night. Guys I'm still going through a really rough chaser effect since I relapsed a couple weeks ago. I know it gets better, but please someone tell me it gets better! Urges had me going bonkers, I was right on the edge of cracking all night. Will do some exercise today, and take some melatonin before bed, hopefully that will help. Just gotta get through these first few days!
  11. happysloth

    happysloth Fapstronaut

    28 days in! I have seen what nofap can do for me in just a few days; High energy, clear skin and a strong urge to improve my life dramatically.
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  12. max9292

    max9292 Fapstronaut

    Twenty-first day without pmo. I am doing a list updating every day about why I don't want pmo:
    day 1) I want to recover passion in my life;
    day 2) I want harmony with other people;
    day 3) I want to listen to my emotions;
    day 4) I want to recover self esteem;
    day 5) I want to love myself;
    day 6) I want to appreciate the little things of life;
    day 7) I want to appreciate quotidianty;
    day 8) I want to live my pulses;
    day 9) I want to enjoy also bad moments;
    day 10) I want to feel energic;
    days 11-13) I want to respect myself;
    day 14) I want to have lightness in life;
    day 15) I want be a good friend;
    day 16) I want overwhelm difficulties of life;
    day 17-21) I want to have good performances in sport.
  13. benj

    benj Fapstronaut

    Mhen long way to go
  14. frequentdogwalker

    frequentdogwalker Fapstronaut

    Of course it will get better. The urges fade away every time without fail, you just have to wait them out a little bit. I still get the urges, sometimes it is pretty intense, and then they fade away after a few minutes or hours or maybe a few days. It never takes more than a few days. And over time they return less often and you get more in the pattern of not acting on them.
  15. chiyu

    chiyu Fapstronaut

    Thanks buddy, I knew that, but really needed to hear it. :)
  16. Unstoppabull

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  17. freezemar

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  18. Boxer477

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