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    Current streak: 458 days no PMO, semen retention

    Some days ago I made the conscious choice of not caring any longer if I get a girl or not. I simply stop caring about it.
    But not in a negative way or out of frustration, I simply felt I could live happy with or without a girl.
    This gave me a profound sense of freedom. It was like a big weight was taken off my shoulders.

    After I made this choice, girls came up to me at the gym. This beautiful fitness model approached me yesterday, I saw her before I didn't like her energy. She smiled and told me if I could teach her to do a handstand, she flirted a little and I said "sure, I'll teach you" but I simply ignored her, I didn't ask her number or anything, I couldn't care less.

    Yesterday I met a beautiful blond with a very hot body, great personality and we arranged a date today, I was tired so I cancelled in a skillful way, but we rescheduled for tomorrow. It was so easy to set up a date with her only few words and the girl is very sweet. The point is I didn't even tried and really don't care if we match or not.

    - Keep a long streak, you already have the energy of orgasm inside of you, no need for sex or to masturbate to feel joy.
    -Understand you are already happy and don't need a girl to be so.
    -when you stop chasing nature( girls), nature comes to you.
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    Excellent! That's right! Libido control is all you need to feel happy!
  4. Beekind

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    If you want to be given everything, give everything up.
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    That's amazing man.

    Here's the real conclusion though:

    1) Learn handstands, get the blonde

    2) Learn somersault, have a threesome

    3) Learn front splits, you get 70 virgins

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    Add some crossfit in it and they think you're a sxmachine;)
  8. Did the blonde you went on a date with approach you?
  9. You have had such a long streak and you are still objectifying women? Sounds fishy bro.
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    Where did he objectify them. He simply described their beauty.
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    It's true in a way haha
    Usually girls at the gym start talking to me interested in what I'm doing. Then sometimes they tell me they want to learn or do yoga with me.
    It's happening several time already.
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    Well not objectifying, but still sex and relationship have a shallow component. I can't be with a morbidly obese girl or someone I don't feel attracted to.

    Also if I were mostly focus in the physical aspect I would have asked for the fitness model number when she approached mebut I simply ignore her because her energy was a bit heavy, she doesn't seem to be such a good girl or at least she doesn't resonates with me besides her beauty.

    Also my streak is nothing I've seen people with more than 20 years semen retention streak that is serious power.
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    No, we matched on a dating site. She told me she had hundreds of messages but only chose me. When she gave me her phone number I noticed she deleted the account.

    Update: I dated the blonde. She is a rich girl, a bit quiet and sweet. Attractive.
    She's new in town, she made a couple of friends here and parties a bit too much but mostly because of her friends, but she told me she does not do it too much and mostly refuses to go out, but she went out 2 out of 3 days since I met her and long parties, not a good sign.

    She travels a lot, and because she has money she just goes to the gym and lives a fun life. I'm a bit hesitant about her. I still gave her a kiss, she only had one other boyfriend, I'll see how the days go, maybe we'll see each other again. I'm a bit open to know her better.

    I have other girls to know, so we'll see how those dates go.
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  14. I think you have to crash an airplane into a building for this one.
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  15. You are a great man. I wish I had a father like you...

    I have read most of your success stories and embrace sex without ejaculation. But that's the other story because I'm still young.

    I'm really interested in Buddhism (I'm Asian), but I don't know anything about Tao. Can I read those kind of books and practice it alone? (Only meditation, please don't tell me to practice massage and masturbation)

    And please let me know how to prevent sexual fantasies COMPLETELY? Whenever I read someone's post related to sex or girl attraction, I found myself fantasize about that imaginary situation and it's... digusting.

    And why I'm so unmotivated to conquer my tasks? Can I be more discipline and motivated to do things soon after 3-4 weeks/months of recovery (I'm currently on day 2)?
  16. modern milarepa

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    The tao of health, sex and longevity by Daniel Reid it's a good book to start.

    Also the practice of brahmacharya is a good book about semen retention but it's not tao more like yoga.

    Because you are just starting, it will be better at this moment to not read those type of things. When you gain more self control you can read and see girl photos but now simply avoid it.

    Some days ago a friend of mine relapsed after almost 300 days because reading something erotic.

    Black is black and white is white. Don't mix your life and duties with nofap, every task is the result of you working on that task. It's better not to put your faith on nofap to solve your problems.

    But sexual energy is one of the most precious energies we got it's worth more than gold.
  17. Thank you so much! I will try to learn by myself as hard as I can tomorrow, I'm still having insomnia, that was my excuse for me being lazy but I will try to overcome that feeling and learn many things.
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    Actually I'm practicing splits with this 18 y.o who only had sex once, so almost virgin. I've done it before too with other girls. The splits are a good method haha
  19. modern milarepa

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    A plus is that I'm almost there to have the perfect front split, no joke.

    Maybe, no comment there haha. Maybe to impress girls but they are usually afraid to learn more dangerous movements.
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